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Smart Packaging

No description

Giang Do

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Smart Packaging

Smart Packaging Smart solution to greener business DiD you know...? 15 bil of mail pieces every day Manufacturing? Recycled Cardboard Smart Packaging + Neutral carbon footprint Effective logistics and supply chain Delighted customer Cost Reduction Analysis Reduction in transportation cost Marketing Wrap-up Korea's mandate: reduce overuse
packaging by 80% by 2012
Warehouse cost
Cost reduction: -53%
+$0.07 (0.05 RFID + 0.02 indentation) -$6 -1.5$
-$ 6.8
Carbon reduction 456 miles 23,028,000 (gallons)
201,034 (tonnes)

12,895,680 (gallons)
112,579 (tonnes) Los Angeles to Incheon $23,000,000 Strategy:
Product: small to medium size
Price: recommend clients to offer 10% discount on returning used packages
Promotion: co-branding with DHL, FEDEX, UPS; TV, Internet
Distribution: online ordering, direct mailing
80% are small to medium 56% of each is dead space Reconfigurable Reusable Recyclable Intelligent with RFID RFID $6.2 $28,847,636 71% of customers are concerned about packaging Ethical and green consumer
market growth 11%/ year 93,419 (tonnes) Reduce dead space by 50% Reduce dead space by 50% Eco-friendly, promote brand image Effective logistics and supply chain Additional income by
selling carbon credits Manufacturing cost increases +
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