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using natural resources

organisms and their environment, energy and resources, pollution and recycling.

paige fudge

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of using natural resources

Using Natural Resources
organisms and their environment. Energy and Resources. Chapter 23 Pollution and Recycling Paige Fudge *block 3rd. what is an ecosystem? A community of organisms and their natural environment. Ecosystems are divided into communities. community's are groups of species that live in the same habitat and inteact with each other. ecosystem* living things are adapted to their ecosystem. The key to understanding ecosystems can be summed up in one word: interrelatedness. the elements that make up an ecosystem function together to keep the entire system stable. If something changes, time and natural forces often work to return the ecosystem to it's previous state. *interrelatedness means to be connected* short-term ecosystem changes include the seasons.
which do no harm on the other hand . changes in climate cause long-term ecosystem changes. a lot of changes in the ecosystem
are caused by human activity.
to much human activity in the
ecosystem of animals can cause
major problems.
such as the destroying of natural
forests and such.
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