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E-mail Etiquette

Train-the-Trainer Preview

Email Presentation

on 6 April 2011

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Transcript of E-mail Etiquette

E-mail Etiquette Why is it important? "To" Line Cc Bcc Forward Subject Line attachment Body a funny video now We are going to show you... reply Tone Spelling/ Grammar Length Formality Signature Format remember to resize the file to keep it small the recipient will eventually give up downloading it and won't see the document! or else... by compressing the file. why? because it saves time and money. Note When opening any attachments: Be sure that the
anti-virus software is updated. Rich Text Format (.rtf) can be opened in any word processing program If not sure, save the file in an older version. Subject lines are like headlines. They grab the attention of the reader. If the message is a series of emails: Include the date in the subject line. If the message is short enough to fit into the subject line, there is no point to repeat it in the body of the mail. Group Presentation Today April 6th, 2011 EOM Make sure to add "(EOM)" (End Of Message) or "(SIM)" (Subject Is Message) at the end of the subject line to indicate the subject line is already the message. Subject: Meeting

Hi Nicole,

I just wanted to remind you about the meeting we have scheduled next week. Do let me know if you have any questions!

Best wishes,

Subject: Reminder of 10am Meeting Sched. 10/05 on EMAIL subtleties.

Hi Nicole,

I just wanted to remind you about the meeting we have scheduled for Monday, October 5, at 10:00am. It's being held in IT room 333, and we'll be discussing the EMAIL subtleties.

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch (e7034).

Best Wishes,

Esther Bad Example: Good Example: Always Specify the Response You Want
Make sure to include any call to action you want. A phone call or follow-up appointment. Such as: Make sure to include contact information! "TO" is used when sending an email to one person. USING ALL UPPERCASE CAN BE INTERPRETED AS SHOUTING! Keep it professional and appropriate. Use face to face communication if issues are sensitive. Keep it short, concise, and specific. Assume the highest level of formality with new email contacts. Bad grammar, misspelling, and disconnected arguments gave
81 % of the people negative feelings towards the sender.

cnn.com of senior managers said badly worded emails implied laziness and even disrespect.

cnn.com An email should be responded within 24 hours. 41% When sending an email, do not put all email addresses in the “TO” field. 1 2 The recipient knows you have sent the
same message to other recipients. Someone else’s email address is publicized
without permission. BCC stands for blind carbon copy. CC stands for carbon copy. Email 101 Your correspondence says a lot about you, so be aware of some basic email etiquette. Imagine what a prospective employer would think when receiving a poorly written message... Conclusion Sources Avoid emotional messages. Privacy Do not assume all emails are private, they can always be forwarded. Decide if a reply is necessary, especially if you are only Cc'd. Order Names should be in order according to rank or seniority. Escalation Cc'ing someone's boss on a complimentary or complaint email can be enlarging. Keep is concise. Dropping or Adding Unilaterally dropping or adding a Cc in an ongoing email conversation can alter a group dynamic or create suspicion. Avoid using "Reply All." Subject: Very Important !!!!! Read Immediately!!!

What is important to you may not be important to your reader. Rather than forcefully
announcing that the secret contents of your message are important, write an
informative headline that actually communicates at least the core of what you feel is
so important.
Subject: [Blank]
Subject: Reminder of 10am Meeting Sched. 10/05 on EMAIL subtleties.
Hi Nicole,
  I just wanted to remind you about the meeting we have scheduled for Monday,
October 5, at 10:00am. It's being held in IT room 333, and we'll be discussing the
EMAIL subtleties.
 If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch (e7034).
Best Wishes,
Subject- Emergency: “All Cars in the Administration Drive Will Be Towed in 1 Hour.”
From: xrty@umbc.edu
Subject: Proposal
Did you get my proposal last week? I haven't heard back and wanted to make sure.
Can you please call me so we can discuss?
Ka Lai
Subject: Checking On Reliable Field Engineer Proposal
Dear Yuri,
     I just wanted to check that you have received the field engineer proposal I emailed to you last week. I  haven't heard back and wanted to make sure it went through.
      Can you please call me by Thursday so we can discuss? This is when our is count offer expires, and I want to make sure you don't miss it!
      The quickest way to contact me is by cell phone.
       Bill Gate, OwnerMicrosoft, Inc.555.135.4598 (office)555.135.2929 (cell)

Bad Example Good Example If you want people to find you easily, a plain-text signature block is helpful. Think before you send.
Send email you would like to receive. Don’t Cry Wolf. DEFCON 1
To: Saddam Hussein
From: George W. Bush
Please let in the weapons inspectors

To: Saddam Hussein
From: George W. Bush
Cc: U.N. Security Council
Please let in the weapons inspectors

To: Saddam Hussein
From: George W. Bush
Cc: United Nations Security General, NATO, European Union, Joint Chiefs of Staff
Please let in the weapons inspectors.
Example In the "To" line, what should the order of the recipient be based on?

a) Gender
b) Race
c) Rank
d) Grades What does Bcc stand for?

a) Big carbon copy
b) Black carbon copy
c) Brown carbon copy
d) Blind carbon copy Choose the best Subject Line:

a) [blank]
b) meeting
c) Very Important !!!!! Read Immediately!!!
d) Reminder of 10am Meeting Sched. 10/05 on EMAIL subtleties. Which format can be read by all word processing programs?

a) .doc
b) .rtf
c) .exe
d) .jpeg What should be avoided when sending an email:

a) spam
b) profanity
c) lengthy
d) all of the above when is the best time to reply?

a) within a week
b) within 24 hours
c) within a month
d) wiithin a year Nearly a quarter of employees have suffered
problems from colleagues because their use of
humor in an email has not been understood
according to a survey.

Robert Jacques “Email jokes backfire
for UK workers” (2004) Don’t diffuse the message by adding sarcasm. Risky Humor Chevron was forced to pay 2.2 million dollars
to settle a harassment case based on certain
parts of the email sent with subjects like:

“25 Reasons Why beer is better than Women.” Case Study Never say anything in an electronic message that you wouldn’t want appearing, and attributed to you in tomorrow’s morning front page headlines in the New York Times. Colonel David Russell’s Rule Proofread. Make your message look professional. Know the relationship of the person you're sending your email to. Relationship Keep in mind the privacy of others when including their emails on the To and Cc lines. Privacy Don't forget to include a signature with your contact information. Don't rely on grammar and spell-check to proofread your emails. Always notify people of the other recipients in the Cc line. Only use attachments when there is no other way to convey the information. Follow up on emails within 24 hours. Specify the action(s) you want to be taken from your email. Don't always feel the need to reply. Who should go in the To, Cc, and Bcc fields and in what order. How to add or drop recipients in the Cc field. How to use subject lines to your advantage. When to use attachments. The importance of word-choice, spelling, and grammar. Tone. When to respond to an e-mail. Signature. Follow-up actions. Be courteous and considerate in all correspondence Stay away from emotionally charged or ambiguous language. Thank you.
Schwalbe, Will and David Shipley. Send: The essential Guide to Email for Office and Home. Knopf. New York. 2007.




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