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Fundação Do Gil

No description

Miguel Cardoso

on 4 February 2013

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Transcript of Fundação Do Gil

Volunteering Work of English Fundação Do Gil Gil Foundation is a social solidarity institution and its main purpose is to contribute to the welfare, personal enhancement and full social integration of children and young people who, for different reasons , are hospitalized for long periods in hospitals. What is it, and what are the goals ? The main objective of Casa do Gil is the social reintegration of hospitalized children with better medical conditions but whose social situation still needs monitoring concerning family rehabilitation, housing conditions, activation of a social support network, or other, as well as designing a life project for them. House Gil Gil Foundation Who is it For? Gil foundation is intended for children in pre-hospital care, from 0 to 12 years. Projects Home support, which is aimed to provide and adapt technical support to the reality of each family and reduce visits to hospitals;
Gil Day, is divided into four distinct areas: story time, music time, discovery time and time for grandparents. These activities are held once a week;
Family Health, a project of social support for families of sick children, so that they can have better conditions. Localization The House Gil is placed in the Parque da Saúde de Lisboa, Parque das Nações. http://www.fundacaodogil.pt/projectos.aspx Do You Want To be a volunteer? At the moment there are several ways to help this foundation:
Volunteer on Gil Day, if you like to participate in recreational activities with children.
This volunteer work is done once a week;
Volunteer Work of the Gil Foundation, if you like to be present in congresses, cultural and sports events, in representation of this foundation. This volunteer work is done with much more frequency.

Obs: We must have 18 or more years to be a volunteer How can I help Gil Foundation? There are many ways to help the Gil Foundation, they are:
Donations, by bank transfer;
Card of gil, it is a pre-paid card, which when loaded, 2 euros are for Gil Foundation;
Calls of added value, for the 760300330;
Payshop, turns to one of the agents and says what amount to donate. Support and partners The Gil House works with a total of 15 hospitals;
Cooperation with some foreign hospitals;
Partnerships at the economic level;
Support the material level;
Volunteering Obs: The Gil House also counts with the support of the State with about 30% of the annual budget. History The Gil foundation was created in December 1999.

This foundation was created by Mr. Antonio Mega Ferreira and Guilherme Magalhães.
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