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The importance of smiling

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Daniel Griff

on 1 June 2015

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Transcript of The importance of smiling

Key Concept
The key concept being taught throughout the course of this video is that smiling allows us to lead a healthier more
enriching life.
Why is it Important
It is an important concept because of its macro and micro effects. smiling can just influence one individual in one moment by witnessing the smile but it also has infinite potential. That smile can cause one person's life to improve which can cause that person to help another person creating a chain of happiness that can grow and become wide spread. That is why the concept is so vitally important.

4 Things that Smiling Does for Us:
Separating Inner/Outer Worlds
This is important because you don’t want to put the weight of your personal issues on others. It is important that you solve your own issues, and not make others unhappy or put them in danger due to your mood. This is a very selfish act to put others in the way of your problems

Pirkei Avot
(greeting with a smile)
This is so every time that you greet someone, they believe that you’re happy to see them. The purpose of a jew is to bring joy to the world and the other people in their community. When you smile, you make them feel important and loved. Smiling is contagious and it makes you look and feel good. The Jewish peoples function is to enrich the lives of other around them.

What Does Judaism Say about it?
Part of judaism is completing mitzvot in a joyful and happy demeanor. This process of enlightenment helps allow us to become closer to god and live fulfilling lives. Judaism smiles upon smiling because the purpose of a Jew is to bring joy and happiness to the world and those in it.
The importance of smiling
Greeting with Joy
(What G-d wants us to do)
God wants us to love one another and honour one another by doing this by greeting people in a happy manor. He wants us to spread joy to each other so that the world is happier and we can love life, such as god intended us to.

Smiling because You Are Alive
We become blind to the blessings that we already possess, we have been turning a blind eye wanting more that we forget to appreciate what god gave us , what is all around us. Happiness is not dependent on outside factors, it is up to us, which is why the Torah demands us to be happy.

G-d wants us to be happy with all that He has given us

Positivity is a mood you feel inside, and this helps you:

1. Lives longer
2. Expands your outlook
3. Helps creativity

1. The essence can be discerned from studying ones face

2. Place for which we recognize each other

The face is a part of your body that:

3 things that no other living being can do with their mouth:

1. Speaking

2. Emanates our smile

3. Kissing

Why is smiling such an overwhelming act
It has a powerful effect on people, it makes people happy and in a good mood.

What happens when we smile?

We make people happy and we influence them/their mood with our smile. We ask God to bless us with the light of his face so when we smile we share part of God’s creation.

REMEMBER: a simple smile is VERY POWERFUL

8 steps of giving charity

There are 8 steps of giving charity, it is the talmud ladder of charity created by the rambam. As Jews, we are supposed to give 10% of our income to charity but no more than 20%. The 8 steps range from giving less than one should unwillingly to giving the perfect amount to a random person who does not know where the money is coming from. The only way of giving better than that is through teaching and giving them the ability to provide for themselves. Judaism wants us to break through cruelty to become givers happily and willingly.

What We Learned About It
Why This Topic is Interesting
Charity is relateable to so many aspects of life allowing multi-dimensional analysis of the topic making it a very interesting choice of comparison
I It also relates to what we have learned this year like the ability to give and the infinite potential that we have as creations of God. Smiling can do so much more than one can imagine, as displayed in the video it can cause a chain reaction exponentially helping each person more and more in a radial effect to improve the lives of thousands. Our outlook on life is through our eyes but smiling helps us share this outlook with our community, share the positivity and happiness, gives us the ability to give our happiness and share it to our surroundings to improve this world. That is how the topic of smiling relates to topics we have learned in Torah High this year.

It was learned from the video that the purpose of a jew is to bring joy to other people. When one smiles, it makes the viewer feel important and radiates positivity. Smiling is contagious and it makes you look and feel good, so giving others smiles makes them look and feel good as well. This relates to my life as I attempt to be a positive person and spread joy as much as I can to influence the world and my community positively. It is vital not to look bitter or unhappy because your actions have consequences and you don't know how it affects others so the smile and it’s ability to bring joy through its contagious manner is a key point in my life. I know that influencing others can have a greater effect than just a smile so making a deep positive connection has infinite potential to do good and help me become a better person. That is how smiling and it’s ability to bring joy relates to my life.
How smiling relates to my life
How smiling relates to this years topic
What surprised me most?
Makes us live longer
Reduces stress hormones
Intensifies happy feelings
Lowers blood pressure

It surprised me the most that smiling actually effects us this much throughout our lives. I could not believe it helps increase life and limit disease.
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