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Whitney Martin

on 25 September 2013

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Transcript of THE TRAIL OF TEARS

And so it Came to Pass (What Happened?)
From 1838 - 1893, Americans forced native americans from their South-Eastern state homes to government-appointed "Indian territories", or Oklahoma.

Most traveled by foot. Nearly 125,000 American Indians made the trip.

They were forced to move because the white americans wanted their land for farming. The trip was 1,000 miles and 4,000 people died.
Lets Play: "The Blame Game"
Andrew Jackson is the widely accepted culprit in this horrific event of racism. His Indian Removal Act of 1830 gave him the power to "negotiate" removal treaties with indian tribes living east of the Mississippi, in exchange for lands to the west.
THEY DID WHAT?! (Reactions)
People who weren't hateful to the Natives found the Trail of Tears absolutely horrific, as we do today. But many Americans supported the Indian Removal Act because 1) They wanted THEIR people to advance further and have better land, and 2) They thought the Natives would be better off with reserved land just for them.
Overall Thoughts and Opinions
Andrew Jackson only wanted land. Pure greed to expand white territory. It was a very dishonorable move as a president and a person to expel the natives from their own land just to fulfill such greed.
What do you mean you people? (What is "Racism."?)
Racism is the belief that the race is the primary determinant of human traits and capabilities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race.
Wait Who? (Who was involved?)
-The United states government.

-The Cherokee Indians
Because Why? (Causes)
The United States wanted the natural resources in their territory. So they made them leave in order to take the land.
Short- Term Effects
Losing fight to the Supreme Court-fought 8 years in court, but were forced to leave their native lands without option.
Tens of thousands died, and those who survived had to settle on land they knew nothing about.
Long Term Effects
The American government sent children from the reservation to boarding schools, taking them away from their parents and culture to be "Americanized," until the 1920's.
The Conflict Theory (Where Problems Are Caused by Conflict)
Powerful: The White People

Powerless: The Native Americans

Conflict: Land
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