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Leadership Enriched

No description

Ricky Frampton

on 2 June 2010

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Transcript of Leadership Enriched

Cross Culture Communication By : Ricky Frampton "... We speak the same language because the engineers at both companies share a great emphasis on technological development. What is more, Suzuki Chairman and CEO, Osamu Suzuki, has a strong leadership style and carries the company with him. There are few major automakers in the world that have this type of corporate culture. But it suits our company well.”
-Martin Winterkorn, CEO of Volkswagen AG Building Partnerships Osamu and Winterkorm Fons
Trompensaars model of culture
with seven dimensions Universalism Particularism ( Rules ) ( Relationships ) 1. Fons Trompensaars culture view

2. School of Cultural Learning break-up

3. Cross Culture Communication

4. Examples of CCC

5. Criticism of School of CCC ( theoretical )
Points to be discussed School of Culture Homo economicus homo sociologicus c u l t u r e Social Goals Economical Goals A B C A- Culture A
B- Culture B
C- Corss culture 21st Century "CROSS" Culture Communication Criticism Pre WWII Post WWII
"baby boomer" International Business
Cross Culture Comm.
Globalization English
Culture Australian Japanese Chinese European
"Western" Japan Chinese Cross Culture
Communication 21st Century
"People of the internet age" Trompensaar
Edward Hall
Richard Lewis
Geertz 20th century thinking Culture A
Culture B Global Culture
World Culture Cross Culture
Communication European Japan China America India International Business Cross Culture Communication By: Ricky Frampton Reference List thank you for your time
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