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Pluto Roman god

No description

Elizabeth Sarris

on 6 November 2014

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Transcript of Pluto Roman god

Birth and infancy
He was devoured by his father Saturn as soon as he was born so his childhood was taken away.
Family & Relatives
He was the son of Saturn and Opis
His brothers were Jupiter and Neptune
His sisters were Vesta, Juno and Cere
Introduction: Pluto
Greek Name: Hades
Title of the god: god of the underworld and the judge of the dead
Pluto Roman god
Where god is usually found:
Important Powers:
power and authority over riches and death.
My god: Pluto
Children: Macaria, Melinoe, Zagreus and Plutus
Wife and Children
Had no childhood because he was devoured by his father
Life as an Adult
He stole his sisters daughter and made her his queen
ruled the underworld and everyone in it

Physical Characteristics
dark bearded man
wears a crown, scepter and key
often wears his invisibility helmet
Symbols Associated with Hades
weapons: helmet of invisibility
objects: chariot
animals: three headed dog Cerberus
Festivals and Sacrifices dedicated to Pluto
Festivals of the Winter were associated with the festivals regarding the dead and the underworld when Pluto was particularly worshipped
Sacrifices to Pluto - During sacrifices to the Roman gods the sex of the victim had to correspond to the sex of the god to whom it was offered. White animals were given to the gods of the upper world whereas black victims to the gods of the underworld
Animal Sacrifices were made to him at the Roman Colosseum when a marble altar was set in the middle of the arena complete with a fire burning
At funeral ceremonies slaves or servants attended the funeral dressed as Pluto or Charon who were the gods of the dead.
Summary of one Important Myth:
The Cyclops gave Pluto a helmet of invisibility
He used the helmet to go to the titans camp at night during the war and destroyed their weapons
The titans had no weapons to fight with and the Olympians won the war
How is the god represented in the myth?
He is represented as a hero
Conclusion/ Any other facts
as an underworld god he is considered a chthonic deity
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