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No description

Adriana Gutierrez

on 5 November 2013

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Transcript of Photography

By Adriana Gutierrez

My Mentor was OBBIE CRUZ
He works here in Sunnyside
To take picture of an event
Which is my community service.
Take pictures of Seniors
Edit their pictures
What I learned
Photography comes from two Greek Words "photo" means "light" and "graph" means "drawing".
The 5 variables of flash exposure are:
Shutter Speed- be above F18. Control ambient exposure
Aperture-above 200amp. Control flash and ambient exposure.
Flash Power
Flash to Subject Distance
ISO- Which is Shutter speed & Aperture
What I learned
Every object is unique.
Experiment with light
Don't limit your imagination
Try differnet poses
Focus on one body part
Take a series of photo shots
Try different angles
Seeing this experience I would not like to pursue this career. But I might persue it as a hobby.
I would like to get a B.A. in Business maybe a minor in Art
Research the basics
I researched online
Also my mentor gave me more useful information.
Shadow my mentor
Take notes about photography
Learn what photography means
Learn about the camera
Learn about:
Shutter speed
Thank You
Any questions?
It not required to go to a post secondary school

Shutter Speed- above 200amp
Basics of a camera
Aperture- around f/18
My Goals
1. Research the basics of a SLR camera
2. Shadow my mentor
3. Take pictures of an event
What I learned
Tried different poses
It's hard to take pictures in bad weather conditions.
It takes a lot of time to take pictures and patience.
The median expected salary is typically around $53, 685 annual
But also depends
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