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The Last Great Race On Earth

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on 2 February 2016

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Transcript of The Last Great Race On Earth

The Last Great Race On Earth
The Iditarod Trail is located in Alaska along the Tundra. The trail is 1,150 miles long. There are checkpoints along the trail. A few checkpoints are Rainy Pass to Rohn, Nulato to Kaltag, White Mountain to Saftey, Golvin to White Mountain, and Skwentna to Fingerlake. At checkpoints dogs are fed and made sure they are not hurt or sick, people get autographs, and dogs and owners sleep.
Wheather Woman
Alaskan huskies are a breed of a dog. Alaskan huskies are a good breed for the Iditarod. Musher families often have many dogs to race. Musher often think of their dogs as a family member. A good sled dog is alot like a good person.
Running the more than 1000 mile Iditarod course is crueling for both mushers and dogs. Its exhausting, challenging, and unpredictable. Some mushing terminology is Mush! Hike! are commands to start the team,Whoa! Command used to halt the team, Dog in a Basket! Tired or injured dog carried in sled. Alaskan huskies are the breed of dog used by most mushers in the Iditarod.
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