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No description

John Miller

on 19 February 2016

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Transcript of Brianna's

Brianna's migrating trip
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It was the year 2012 and my name is Brianna I migrated to mexico.right now I am in Paris to go there I well miss all of my famiys that are here(Paris)
I got to the airport and it was realy big. I wanted to go and meet my family that i don't know .i went in the middle seats I saw my friend sandra in the morning.I bought some punch with ice .
when i got there i went to a mexican restaurant with Sandra .The food was really good.Then I went to a store I bought a big bag of takis (spicy Chips.)I saw a puppy it looked like my cusins.Any way I took it to the address his or her collar said Sandra came with me i knocked and saw it was my cousin wow what a surprise.Then it was sandra´s Birthday we had lots of fun.

In mexico I went to chiuua
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