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MajeRe (Wiser-Summer)

Introducing the MajeRe project

Brandon Invergo

on 17 May 2011

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Transcript of MajeRe (Wiser-Summer)

MajeRe Dini Saptaningrum & the Edulabs Team In collaboration with: Once upon a time in Leiden... "Wouldn't it be cool if..." ...statistics software dynamically adapted to your experimental design? ...you had access to a "corpus" of real-world statistical knowledge? ...there were a social platform for statistical learning and discussion? How could such a tool be used in education? Supplementing the modern classroom Fostering global collaborative learning So what is MajeRe? A dynamic graphical interface to GNU R Full project lifecycle: experimental design, analysis, documentation Appropriate analyses suggested based on experimental design and the Corpus database Remotely collaborate on projects Extensible via modules and libraries Multiple levels of community-maintained help files Browse and query the Corpus A social learning environment Communicate with other users Current status Design phase:
Design documents are being actively developed
(check the Wiser-U Elgg group) http://majere.googlecode.com http://wiser-u.net/elgg/pg/groups/5119/majere-collaborative-analytical-education-and-the-corpus-statistics/ Implementation:
Some (old) code available at the Google Code site Leiden University
(Leiden, NL) Harald van Mil Brandon Invergo Pompeu Fabra University (Barcelona, ES)
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