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eleectrital power

electrital things

Marquise Jackson

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of eleectrital power

Electricity car electricity
iron electricity
oven electricity
refrigerator electricity
light electricity
lamp electricity
flashlight electricity
floodligth electricity
tv electricity
moter electricity
radio electricity
drill electricity
computers electricity Light Out Survival What would I do if there were a big black out?
First I would use a flash light or a cell phone light to find a lighter. Then I would use the lighter to light some candles. So we can have some light so, we can see.
Then I would get some covers for my mom and my three brothers and also me. When we are all set; we will sit around and tell each other storys. While we are waiting we will tell jokes to.

Next we would use a flash light to tell scary stories. My brother always scares me when we have a black out.

Last, when all the lights come back on, we wrap up all our covers and blow out the candles. Then we all get set and go back to what we were doing. After ever thing is back in order and we are done with our homework and cleaning up we all go to bed.
Lights out survival
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