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Conferring with Readers

No description

Kim Lehman

on 28 August 2014

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Transcript of Conferring with Readers

Think back to a time in your life when reading really mattered to you...
Your "Reading Life"
Lots to Organize! Get your structures in place now...

The KEY is...

Focus on Conferences
"Children should learn that reading is pleasure, not just something that teachers make you do in school." - Beverly Clearly
Reading Instruction
Adapted from the book written by Jennifer Serravallo
Conferring with Readers K-2nd
Maybe a time when you...
fell in love with a character
stayed up reading all night or day
snuggled in close to your child to share a story
talked with a friend about a good read
cried because of a book
Reading is...
1. constructing meaning (vs. word calling)
2. a process: strategies to get to skills
3. deeply personal; therefore it varies from reader to reader
Be matched to each individual student.
Teach toward independence.
Explicitly teach strategies to access skills.
Value time for reading , volume of reading and a variety of reading experiences.
Follow predictable structures and routines.
Want to have the most effective
Reading Workshop?
Fountas and Pinnell (in depth)
A-Z Running Records
Leveled text with comprehension check
Observe reading behaviors
stamina, focus, reading finger, home reading, etc
Reading Inventory
favorites, authors, home reading, genre, etc.
2.Coaching Conference
(group, bookclubs, partners or single)
Use your research to prepare
Observe and listen
Identify area of focus
Demonstrate/model, shared reading or explanation (reuse old lessons)
Coach (watch them try)
Carry a "go to" text with you
Follow up (length of time will vary)
Students should be able to state focus during follow up
Check Ins
Reading behaviors
Comprehension checks
Monitoring for whole group objectives
Accelerated Reader
Book Ladders
Students begin with books they like, and teacher connects them to other texts through recommendations based on skills, topics, series or authors. We can do this through conferencing and knowing our students.
Individual and whole class
status of class
small groups
Keeping track method
Stick around to observe/listen and fill in notes after conference ends to help keep up
So many options, so find one that works best and adjust...don't quit.
Types of Conferences
1.Research Conference
5-7 min for individuals, longer for groups

See everyone a minimum of once a week to week and a half.
Very brief; just a minute or two
"The only difference between a real reader and a non-reader is that the real reader has a plan."
-Donalyn Miller Reading in the Wild
Notekeeping Examples...
notebook with tabs
binder with dividers
file folder (stickies/labels)
electronic notebook
pre-made sheets on clipboard/notebook
"Golden Gate Bridge"
Take the time to...
Analyze your notes once a week
"In order for students to be lifelong lovers of reading, we need to put ourselves out of business as teachers. Reading workshops, and specifically conferences, are our opportunities as teachers to act as mentor to readers toward that goal."
Jennifer Serravallo
Talk, Talk, Talk About Books!
.[po,,,;;// ''[][p=-- mmloppp ,,klokpop///l
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