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No description

lumi kosovrasti

on 31 January 2014

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Transcript of Cheer

Cheer leading
How to improve in my jumps?
To improve your jumps there are 2 important ways. 1st you have to practice a lot. you can do jumps really anywhere as long as you have room. The 2nd way is the most important, stretching. Stretching helps you with really everything. It is very important that you try to stretch everyday.
What is the common stunt?
The most common stunt in a half. A half is basically in all stunts.All most any thing you do has to do with a half.
How can I do a backhand spring
How can I improve my tumbling skills?
To improve your tumbling you have to stretch everyday and make sure that you practice at a gym with a mat or on a trampoline. Make sure you only practice things you know unless you have a spot.

The way you can do a backhand spring is by portending like your sitting in a chair. Then jump back and as you go kick you legs over.Make sure you have a spot to to be there if you fall. You have to have your arms locked out and make sure you are stretched.

- Try to find the main ways to help your jumps

-Try to look at the main ways get your backhand spring.
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