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Carbonated Beverages, By Momo and Ganga

Momo Paul

on 7 March 2013

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Transcript of Chemistry

tartaric acid + corrosion 7000 BC Carbonated Beverages By Momo & Ganga solution Effervescence & "fizz" Did You Know... Why Do Cans Explode? How Carbonated Drinks are Made? Putting Carbon Dioxide into Pop History Thanks for Watching! What are some Carbonated Beverages? Gas escaping from a Joseph Priestley naturally created through fermentation effervescence CaCO3 HCl H2CO3 Fizz 1767 de-pressurized CO2 Invented by Found a way to dissolve CO2 into water known as Carbonation fermentation H2CO3 H2O + CO2 BASE LIQUID CO2 naturally dissolves saturated contacts a liquid medium pressure in the liquid us equal to the pressure Equillibrium Point cold water saturation level + CO2 little affinity pressure of CO2 & water pressure of CO2 & H2O The Chemistry
Behind Beer fermentation Grains germinated dried mash mixed with Hot water + yeast consume sugar released CO2 alcohol Boyle's Law Henry`s Law Extra CO2 can't dissolve escape vigorous kinetic energy CO2 liquid gets mixed with the liquid below burst of liquid in carbonated beverages strip Champagne can be used as a facial toner grape antioxidants remove dirt lightens skin evens texture acid stomach aches extra gas pressure burp! pain help cure dark coloured deplete bones of calcium prevents body from absorbing it pops liquid liquid liquid liquid liquid liquid liquid CO2 CO2 CO2 CO2 CO2 CO2 CO2 decomposes into H2O +CO2 gas bubbles pressure pressure shaken can amount of gas that dissolves in a liquid is porportional to the partial pressure of the gas over the liquid CO2 pressure of amount of CO2 fizz of soda
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