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CSBS Incoporated

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jackie sprague

on 3 June 2014

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Transcript of CSBS Incoporated

CSBS Incorporated
Meet The Team
As for the competition...
• Young people ages 15 – 29
• Middle aged groups ages 30 – 45
• Avid readers
• Rebellious young people
• Spontaneous people

Mission Statement
Be Rebellious
Dante's Early Life
• Born Durante Degli Alighieri in 1265 (the exact date is unknown)
• Dante was born in Florence, Italy
• Was born into a family of nobility, but not one of great wealth
• When Dante was twelve years old, he was arranged to marry Gemma Di Manetto Donati
• At this point however, Dante had already fallen in love with Beatrice Portinari who he had met at age nine
• He mother died when he was only ten years old

Advertising Firm
The CSBS group was brought together under a simple idea. That idea was to be an amazing advertising group. What we are advertising now however, is not your normal product. We intend to sell you our poet Dante Alighieri. He is a man of great achievements and one to be recognized by the modern age. We are here to aid you in this matter and we are happy to do so. We intend to make you fall in love with Dante and his works, just as we have.
Dante's Education
• Not much is known about Dante’s early education
• It is assumed that he either studied at home, or attended a chapter school, which would be attached to a church or monastery
• He would later attend the University of Bologna
• Dante met Ser Brunetto Latini here and though he never taught Dante, he would guide and encourage him (Latini appears in Canto XV or 15 of Inferno)

Guelph/Ghibelline Conflict
• At this time, there was a conflict between the Guelphs who supported the Papacy or the Roman Catholic Church, and the Ghibellines who supported the Roman Emperor
• Dante’s family was in support of the Guelphs
• They Guelph party then divided into the White and Black Guelphs.
• White Guelphs believed that the Pope had too much power and wanted freedom from the Roman Catholic Church, Black Guelphs believed it was fine.
• Dante supported the White Guelphs
• The White Guelphs expelled the Black Guelphs from Florence
• White Guelph leadership was asked to journey to Rome
• Black Guelphs took control of Florence
• Dante was exiled from ever returning or he would face execution
• White Guelphs were eventually allowed to return, however Dante remained in exile
• Dante was offered a deal to return, but he refused and never went back

Later Life
• Dante married Gemma
• He had four children with Gemma: Jacopo, Pietro, Giovanni, and Antonia
• Dante became an Apothecary so that he could obtain books during the Guelph – Ghibelline conflict
• Due to his association with the White Guelphs, Dante was exiled from Florene
• He wrote of his experiences with Florence
• Dante spent time in Ravenna and Santa Croce
• During this time, Dante came up with and wrote The Divine Comedy
• It is believed that he began writing it at around age thirty-five, about half way through life.
• He also wrote most of his other works during this time
• Dante died in 1321 in Ravenna, Italy

• Inferno (Hell)
• Purgatorio (Purgatory)
• Paradisio (Heaven)
• La Vita Nouva (The New Life)
• Convivio (The Banquet)
• Monarchia (Monarchy)
• De Vulgari Eloquentia (“On the Eloquence of Vernacular”)

• Writing The Divine Comedy, one of the most influential series ever written
• One of the most prolific Renaissance writers/poets
• One of the greatest literary icons of the Western World
• Became a successful apothecary
• Elected to the Council of the Head of Arts (organization that chooses “Priors” which are supreme magistrates)
• Became a Prior
• Considered the father of Modern Italian

“Dry-land, and 'neath whose cope was put to death
The Man who without sin was born and lived.
Thou hast thy feet upon the little sphere
Which makes the other face of the Judecca.
Here it is morn when it is evening there;
And he who with his hair a stairway made us
Still fixed remaineth as he was before.
Upon this side he fell down out of heaven;
And all the land, that whilom here emerged,
For fear of him made of the sea a veil,
And came to our hemisphere; and peradventure
To flee from him, what on this side appears
Left the place vacant here, and back recoiled."

Modern Influences
Given the world a poem that has lasted through time and influenced others simultaneously
Has captivated readers for centuries,
Gave general public a mental image of Hell
Video Game
The story is based on Inferno, the first canticle of Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy, and shares many similarities with the poem
The game follows the exploits of Dante (reimagined as a Templar knight) as he journeys through the nine circles of Hell to reclaim the soul of his beloved Beatrice from the hands of Lucifer

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