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The Pedestrian Presentation

Honors English 10 "The Long Short Story Presentation"

Betsy Tang

on 24 May 2013

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Transcript of The Pedestrian Presentation

Cori, Keasha, Brittany, Betsy The Pedestrian Characters Imaginative Elements Setting Features Literary Techniques Theme Mr. Leonard Mead Why is he important? Theme Relation How does the setting allow Ray Bradbury to comment on society? Techniques How do these techniques advance the conflicts and ideas of "The Pedestrian"? - Imagery
-Contrast - Develop a clear sense of setting
- Allows reader to "connect" or "relate" to the story.
- Create a probable society with a balance of fantastical and realistic elements. Why is this message important? It cautions readers of a society influenced soley by technology. Relation to Theme Reveals the easy 'dehumanizing' of people in this society because of the lack of interpersonal relations. Realistic Elements + Fantastic Elements = Combined Elements Storytelling Characteristics Relation to Theme Relation to Theme The End Any questions? In general, how does this theme present itself? By the end of the short story, the arrest of Mead and the subsequent sending him to a mental facility, the theme is completely and thoroughly revealed. However even before that, the idea is alluded to with the details of citizens of society being obsessive over their televisions as a source of entertainment. An infatuation with technology is damaging to society. - Key character (main character)
- A non-conformist
- Presumably more intelligent than others of his society He is the main character; the conflict revolves around him because he differs from the rest of his society. The theme connects to Mead because essentially the problem revolves around him. As Mead is unique to his society, he allows for a different view, thus making him a crucial character, not only essential to the plot, but also major to the theme development. - Robotic police car/force
- Beaten up road
- Television lit houses - Third person, limited point of view (Mead's thoughts) The fantastic and realistic elements within the story highlight the idea that society evolved to be completely dependent on technology. - Overall empty during the night, busy during the day
- At night, absolutely no one is out, and houses are only lit by televisions...typically
- The majority of houses are ill-lit thanks to the television. In this sort of society, a main character different from his own setting is more likely to be drawn to a reader's connections. Also, it is able to highlight the theme of the short story. The setting is the "evidence" per say for the theme. It demonstrates just how the technology is hurting society. Summary In a world of technology and television, one man, Leonard Mead, defies the standard of living by walking out in the night. However, due to his contrast against the rest of society, while out walking one night, Mr.Mead is arrested and sent off to an Institute that studies 'Regressive Tendencies'.
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