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Food Selection and Health

No description

cynthia treacy

on 16 July 2015

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Transcript of Food Selection and Health

Food Selection and Health
Assignment 2
Diet Related Disorders

How to use Prezi
Enjoy learning about the importance of diet and the creation of your Prezi. Good luck Year 9!
Picture examples

You have been employed by the Australian Government to produce educational material to inform the public about common diet related disorders in Australia. You are to use Prezi to create this presentation.

Choose one of the following diet related disorders
Type 2 Diabetes
Coeliac disease
Coronary Heart Disease
Colon Cancer
Anorexia nervosa

Make sure you address the following
Incidence in Australia for men/women
Prevention via dietary measures
Marking Criteria
You are to type up a word document and include the following
Assignment 2
Your name
The name of the disease
Link to Prezi
Instructions for Prezi link
To do this go to the top right corner next to Present icon, click on share Prezi, select copy link. Now open the word document, left click then paste your Prezi link.
Submit this word document to your teachers drop box

What is Prezi?

Here is a guide for you to use to write your bibliography
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