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Digital Badges an Overview

Overview of ideas regarding digital badges

Paula Iaeger

on 6 January 2013

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Transcript of Digital Badges an Overview

Definition A digital badge is an electronic credential that indicates a specific level of proficiency in a certain area. Badges can represent traditional academic achievement or the acquisition of skills such as effective teamwork, leadership, and other 21st century skills.
Learning Times Standardized and Open Tracking System
(http://openbadges.org/en-US/) •Traditional educational institutions
•Professional bodies (e.g. doctors, accountants)
•International credential assessment agencies
•Non-formal, community learning organizations
•Communities of practice (e.g. museums, libraries)
•Qualified experts
•Online courses and open courseware initiatives
•Companies/organizations that employ people
(Mozilla, 2013) Who Issues Badges What are Advantages of Badges Documents newly acquired skills
Recognizes informal learning when tied to learning objectives
Makes skills or knowledge more portable across departments and jobs
Identifies more specific knowledge than traditional degrees
Promotes more specialized learning
Allows for building multiple pathways and setting personal learning goals
Provides feedback throughout the learning experience, encouraging engagement, and retention
Helps learners find peers or mentors with similar interests
Targets new competencies that are critical to success—like differentiating the quality of information, or multitasking which do not show up on a transcript (Mozilla, 2013) Mozilla’s Open Badge Project is a documented, organized, mechanism that is used to identify competencies acquired from a variety of sources that include corporations, universities, professional organizations, small businesses, and skilled professionals who report through a common open database their credentials that authorizes them as one able to assess the specific learning outcomes associated with the knowledge, skill, or abilities (hereafter referred to as KSAs) associated with earning a specific digital badge. The badge earner decides who has access to the badges he or she has earned. Prepared by
Paula Iaeger PhD

Assessment Systems Administrator
Department of Institutional Research
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