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Westward Expansion

RSA 5th Grade Humanities History Westward Expansion Project

Isabella Zhang

on 6 June 2015

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Transcript of Westward Expansion

Westward Expansion
By : Isabella , RJ , Kasey, Cam , Rosario
Father: Mark (Cameron)
Mother: Wilma (Rosario)
Children: Katherine (Kasey), Little Jimmy (RJ),
Rachel (Isabella)
Tiny Dog Tim
12 years old
Likes to read books and Journal
1 little brother named Little Jimmy and an older sister named Rachel
Isn't fond of moving
US in1880
17 years old
Likes to tell her brother and sister what to do
My mother likes to boss me around for chores and my father likes to teach me stuff he already taught me...
Hard-working for the moving to Kansas
Moving By:
Built: 1860s-1869
1386 mile trip from New York City, New York to
Wichita, Kansas

Why Did We Move?

wanted to explore west
more opportunities
open land


What was the move like for us
Little Jimmy: It was a struggle.. We made it through the harsh weather.. It was fun.. the mountains were tough.. I'm exhausted though but I'm glad we made it..

I really didn't get adjusted to the move to Kansas. I didn't know what to expect from it. People say there were a lot of storms there like tornadoes and lots of dust devils. I am scared for this move.
Rachel: I'm just totally gonna take care of the little ones as always and help as much as I could?
Wilma: On the way to Kansas it was hard for our family to make it threw the hard times but were just glad we made but on the way we found an injured dog on the and took him with us.
Mark: I really thought we could make it through the hard times in Kansas and survive with our family.

Wichita, Kansas?
What started Westward Expansion?
The Louisiana Purchase
The Louis and Clark Expedition
7 years old
likes working on the farm
has no interest in school or learning
likes to hear old tales
Old Blue
Helps around farm
5 in dog years
Great family pet
Age: 45
3 Children: Rachel, Little Jimmy,
Likes to boss my children around
and read.
Old Blue
good hunter
Breed: Beagle
Gender: male
Loves everyone besides Jimmy
Info about Wichita, Kansas

was a trading post before being named a city
became a city in 1870
has no interest in school
likes to feed the animals
isn't fond of moving
Our Daily Life
Animals on the Farm
On the Farm:
Great Leader
Teaches kids right from wrong
Farm Life
Kids do...
Adults do...
Feed the livestocks
Help mother clean the house once a month
Wash the clothes
Water the plants
Plant the seeds
Mom: Cleans house once a month, washes dishes, cleans clothes

Dad: Works in the fields by planting crops for the family
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