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The Nationalist Revolution

No description

Anthony Earl

on 25 October 2011

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Transcript of The Nationalist Revolution

The Nationalist Revolution
Founders of Kuomintang
Sun Yat-sen
Song Jiaoren
(main dude)
Created in 1912
Principles of
the People!
Social Reform
Social Reform
Internally - to live side by side one another within the national boundaries
Externally - to be an independent state, spread the indigenous civilization, and to absorb what is best in world civilization
Overall goal - hope to "forge ahead with other nations towards the goals of ideal brotherhood"
no ground for preserving a monarchical government
the Chinese people have suffered over 260 years of oppression under the Machu
without a king and his throne there would be no contention for such things
create an even distribution of wealth
advocated the principle of state ownership
26 January 1923 Sun Yat-sen and Russia's Adolph Joffe make an agreement
February 1923 - Sun returns to Guangzhou, sets up HQ for new revolutionary government and makes Chiang Kai-shek Commandant
Michael Borodin and military advisors from Russia are sent to China to help
June 1923
@ the 3rd National Congress of the CCP

Sun asks for help to reorganize the Kuomintang
promised Communists several high positions
Sun becomes leader
Kuomintang reorganized
Individual Communists and SYL members accepted
Anti-imperialist, anti-feudal policy adopted
January 1924 - 1st National Congress of Kuomintang
12 March 1925:
Sun Yat-sen dies

Chiang Kai-shek becomes leader
1926-1927:Chiang starts Northern Expedition
In 6 months 34 warlords fall
most were bribed
some stepped aside for idealogical reasons
Chiang fought a combined force of over 5 times his own
1927: Remaining warlords and foreign imperialists bribe Chiang with $60,000,000 Chinese dollars
- he accepts
Chiang reverses Sun's policy: gets rid of the Communists and denies Russian aid
Starts civil war between the Communists and Kuomintang
1928: Chiang captures Beijing (held by Imperialists) and establishes a government in Nanjing

China "unified"
under Chiang's rule
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