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six months later

No description

lauren Fialli

on 15 April 2015

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Transcript of six months later

By: Natalie D. Richards
Six Months Later
Main character: Chloe
The main character Chloe is a senior in highschool. At the beginning of the book she has a huge crush on Blake Tanner. But when she ends up dating him, she realizes she likes Adam Reed. Her best friend is Maggie. Chloe decides to take a nap in the library during study hall in the middle of May, when she wakes up there is snow on the ground and she can't remember anything that happened the last 6 months.
Main characters: Adam and Maggie
The setting in the book mainly takes place in the high school, Chloe's house,and Maggie's house.
Six Months Later
Adam is also one of the main characters, he plays a huge role in trying to help Chloe regain her memory.
Maggie is also one of the main characters. At the beginning of the book Chloe and her are best friends. Towards the middle and end of the book she is mad at Chloe but Chloe can't remember what she did.
I would recommend this book to all ages and probably girls. The book was very suspenseful and made you wait to the very last pages till it told you what actually happened.
The book 6 months later is about a girl named Chloe Spinnaker, and how her life changed forever, she will never forget what has happened to her. At the beginning of the book Chloe has this huge crush on Blake Tanner and is best friends with Maggie Campbell. She isn't the best student in school but she could be. Chloe was in the library one day for study hall and decided to take a nap.
The conflict of the book is that Chloe is pretty confident that her memory loss wasn't just a accident. Chloe goes through so many obstacles to eventually find out what actually happened to her.
Plot continued
Plot continued
Plot continued
By: Lauren Fialli
Natalie D. Richards
Natalie was a great writer when she was young. She now lives in Ohio, with her husband, three kids, and dog. Natalie has written many books, one other main book other than
6 Months Later
Gone Too Far
The book had many interesting parts through out the book. But I would say the most exciting part of the book would be when Chloe took a nap in library but ended up waking up and it being six months later and she doesn't remember a thing that had happened. When she does wake up her whole life was completely different.
The genre of the book was a fantasy and a mystery.
When she wakes up she looks out the window and realizes that it is snowing outside when she thought she fell asleep in the middle of May. At first she didn't believe what was happening to her. When she wakes up she is dating Blake Tanner, her best friend Maggie isn't talking to her, and her grades are better than before. Chloe's whole life has changed and she doesn't know how or why but she definitely wants to find out. Since Maggie isn't talking to her, Chloe's only friend is Adam, at first he doesn't believe her but after talking for a while he does.
Chloe realizes that she doesn't have the same feelings for Blake that she did before. She soon finds out that she likes Adam and trys to put back together her and Maggie's relationship. She finds out that one of her good friends, Julien, had moved away but she didn't remember that happening, but she thought that was odd because Julien never would want to move. Chloe found out that what happened to her also happened to Julien. Chloe's therapist was a very secretive person and Chloe knew she had something to do with her loss of memory. Once Adam and Maggie helped out Chloe to find proof that Dr. Kirkpatrick (Chloe's therapist) had something to do with the loss of her memory. But when Adam and Chloe went to show Dr. Kirkpatrick there evidence they found her dead in her office. Adam and Chloe leave her office because they don't want to get caught for this crime. Adam has to tell something to Chloe even though he knows that it would probaly ruin there friendship and their relationship.

Adam and Chloe leave her office because they don't want to get caught for this crime. Adam wants to tell Chloe something, even though he knows that it would probably ruin there friendship and their relationship. Adam tells Chloe what happened to her, Chloe is angry because he never told her. What actually happened was that Daniel Tanner, the head teacher of the study group, was drugging everyone that was in the group. Chloe now needs proof but the problem is that Daniel knows that Chloe is now aware of what he has been doing. Throughout the book Chloe has randomly been able to remember things by touching people. One of the memories that she remembers is that she has one of the drugs and Daniel wants it. Chloe doesn't trust Adam anymore but she decides to stay with him because she knows that he would never hurt her. Maggie and Chloe try to run away from Blake Tanner. Chloe gets the drugs out of a little black box that she hid in Maggie's backyard and then all three of them go into Maggie's house. Chloe ends up stopping him by taking the drug that she hid and stabs it into Daniel's throat. They call the police and they tell them everything. Chloe's life will never be the same because the news gets a hold of what happened.
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