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No description

Christian Gelbe-Haussen

on 10 May 2013

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Transcript of Resume

Formations Interests / Occupations / Hobbies INTRAS Insurances CSS Insurances Unirisc Group Trainees Schools Resume Service Center / "Foreign" department Healthcare Solutions 15.04.2013 Christian Gelbe-Haußen Skills HQ / Insurance management service PersoJob Sàrl Infogest Sàrl Sismondi Highschool, Geneva HEC Lausanne University of Geneva Nicolas Bouvier School
(FCPM) Section law and economics Federal maturity Management, accounting, micro / macro economics, business law, mathematics, statistics, IT Constitutional law, criminal law,
civil law, contracts law, roman law,
history of law Diploma of Assistant in Management and Administration French Hungarian German English Russian Mother tongue Mother tongue Professional skills Certified B2 level Professional skills Certified B2 level Debutant Special case management.
Coordination with abroad partners.
Therapists and doctors recognition.
Integrations for the merger
between Intras and CSS. Abroad claims management.
Special contracts management.
Customer support.
Project management.
Statistics. Absences management.
Accident claims.
Help-desk for customers.
Process management.
Statistics specialist for the department.
Formations. Consultant Collaborator Collaborator Healthcare Insurance Healthcare Insurance HR Outsourcing
Insurance broking 08.09 - 04.10 05.10 - 05.12 05.12 - present 02.08 - 06.08 02.08 - 06.08 HR Consulting IT and Management Consulting Marketing.
IT. 04.07.04 - 24.07.04 Humboldt-Institut Waldshut-Tiengen DIP 28.06.02 - 25.07.02 Oldenburg Cork Languqge
Center International 30.06.03 - 25.07.04 IFAGE, Geneva Debutant level 1 & 3 31.03.09 - 09.06.09 Certified skills in : Internet : Systems : Others : Judo (competition)
Judo Club Versoix Golf (hobby &
friendly competitions)

Golf de Céron
Golf du Rochat Rugby Union
RC CMSG Alpine skiing
(competition level) Running
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