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French Conjugation (-er)

Conjugating French verbs with the ending (-er)

Alan Rodriguez

on 11 March 2013

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Transcript of French Conjugation (-er)

Tu/-es Example Il/Elle/On / -e Example Vous/-ez Example Ils/Elles / -ent Example Nous/-ons Example Conjugating -ER Verbs Je/-e Step #1 -Take down the -er of the verb and add one of the following endings. Example For verbs ending in -er: Parler Parl er Parl After that insert the ending that
corresponds with the subject. Let's start with the singular forms -Used to indicate yourself

-Replaces -er with -e only

-Translated means (I) Example Parl Je -e Parl Je Use: -e = Je Parle -Used to indicate someone else

-Replaces -er with -es

-Translated means (You)

-Informal Tu Parl Use: -es Tu Parl -es = Tu Parles -Used to indicate boys or girls (or both)

-Replaces -er with -e

-Means He/She/It/One Il/Elle/It/One Parl Use: -e Il/Elle/It/One Parl -e = Il Parle -Used to indicated two or more people

-Replaces -er with -ons

-Means We That's the singular forms,
Now on to the plural forms Nous Parl Nous Parl Nous Parlons -ons -ons = -Used to indicate one or more people

-Replaces -er with -ez

-Means You

-Formal and Plural Vous Parl Vous + Parl + -ez = Use: -ez Vous parlez -Used to indicated a group of boys or girls (or both)

-Replaces -er with -ent

-Means they

-Can be used with proper nouns. Ils/Elles Parl Use: -ent Ils/Elles + Parl + -ent = Elles Parlent The End
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