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No description

Andy Gonzalez

on 28 May 2014

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Transcript of BRASILIA


By: Andy Gonzalez
Main Events
The main events that happen in Brasilia are parties like Carnival starts next year in February 13 ends in February 18. A really big event that is going to take place in part of Brasilia is the FIFA Cup 2014 starting in June 12 and ends in July 13. they also celebrate Christmas there are a lot of Christmas trees which are really tropical trees
Land in Brasilia is a wonderful place a lot of beaches flat land that are near rivers and is around the amazon. Brasilia has tropical weather in the summer it is 82 Fahrenheit and in the winter it is 55 Fahrenheit

In 1894 was when Brasilia was decided to be built, in 1895 was chosen the area that Brasilia will be built. In 1956 a architect named Oscar Niemeyer had lots of creative ideas for the capital later in the same year a man named Juscelino Kubitschek had a plan named the "Pilot Plan" and his plan was to help Brasilia grow in his five year term of being president. He invited car companies and made more street's.
Juscelino Kubitschek
Oscar Niemeyer
.Ambroisa de melao a dish with many fruits and shreded melon and coconut.
.Capirinha a drink of sugar, lemon, and ice.
.Churrasco a dish of boar
chicken and alligator.
.Coxinhas crust and chicken surronding the circles.

Most people in Brasilia are catholic and christian
but some have traditional african religion.
2.22 Brazil Real= 1 U.S dollar

In Brazil there are no cents only coins worth the same of a Brazil Real

hello ola
goodbye adeus
good afternoon boa tarde
good morning boa dia
how are you como esta
please por favor
thank you obrigado
your welcome de nada
Im sorry disculpe
help me socorro
father pai
mother mae
soccer is the main sport in Brasilia it will even have a part of the FIFA Cup 2014.
It will also be part of the summer olympics in 2016.
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