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Julius Rix

on 27 January 2015

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Transcript of 中国的学校

中考 Zhongkao
Senior High School Entrance Examination
-In China, there is only a 9 year compulsory education, with schools that teach US grades 10-12 that only admit certain students. These high schools are also not free, they cost a modest fee.

-The same principle used in the US with the SAT and ACT tests to see which college one will be admitted to which high school in China. You can be denied entrance to some, and if you fail the entrance exam, you cannot graduate from junior high school.

-It is usually taken in Early June to Early July.

-Much preparation is done by the students before the test, and the school has opportunities for students to learn for the test, including practice tests being administered to the students two r even three times.
Supporting arguments for the 中考
-The Senior High School Entrance Exam allows for schools and sometimes, even students, to identify their weaknesses and their strengths and determine where they should proceed to next in their academic career.

-If you segregate the different levels of students into different schools, entire classes will not be held up by some students not fully understanding class material.

-Also, if a student is shown not be to prepared for high school by not passing the 中考, the are forced to repeat the last year of middle school, avoiding a phenomenon that is seen sometimes in regions that are not that well-off in the US, most famously Detroit, where students are passed on to the next grade without obtaining much knowledge because it is cheaper for the school to do so.

-But in China, this acts as an assurance that you can only end the compulsory education program if you are actually ready.
Opposing arguments for the 中考
-By putting so much of the future of children in the hands of one single test, if a student is bright, attentive in class, and very much possesses the skills necessary for a career, but is not very good at taking tests or for some reason was not able to study to pay full attention during his test, his senior high school may not be suited for him, but he got placed in it anyway because of one temporary thing that happened to him on the test day.

-Also, if one is placed in a school according to one's level, one may not feel as motivated to work harder if there are not people that are clearly performing better in class than they are.

-This phenomenon can be rephrased for universal use as:"If a high standard for which there is clear and indisputable proof supporting its very much possible reach by a very ordinary person, that will be the goal of the efforts of the people that have an academic life shared with them."

-Also, this is not taking the psychological damage that performing poorly on the test may have on the future generation.
高考 Gaokao
National Higher Education Entrance Examination
-The equivalent if the SAT and ACT combined, both in effect on your life and in difficulty, it covers topics far more advanced that what is seen on the US exams.

-There is extremely much stress associated with the gaokao as it is so important in the lives of students.

-Also, it is much more comprehensive and extensive and is usually taken over several days.
Supporting arguments for the 高考
-By having such a hard entrance exam for colleges, there are no students not able to cope with the rigor and stress of higher education mixed in with the intelligent, well-performing.

-With more questions reflecting the personalities and thoughts of students, universities and colleges are able to see how the person in question might perform in a job environment.

-This means that there are less anomalies for the university admissions teams to find out about the interviewee.

-Also, the government does not wast any money on students that do not really care and enrolled in University rather for social purposes than scholarly ones.
Opposing arguments for the 高考
-As most major tests have similar flaws, this will largely be a repetition of the section about the 中考.

-If there is one small thing that causes your performance to be worse for a short time, but during the test, it could have life-changing effects for you.

-"If a high standard for which there is clear and indisputable proof supporting its very much possible reach by a very ordinary person, that will be the goal of the efforts of the people that have an academic life shared with them*."

-There can be even more emotional trauma involved with this one test as failing it determines your future position in society.

-And if you fail it, you do not repeat 12th grade. You don't get into college.

*=i.e. your classmates
Teaching styles in China
-Culminating on the information presented on the 中考 and the 高考, it should be relatively obvious that the education system in China is test-oriented.

-Single tests can change the course of your life.

-Also, instead of having time in school more student-orientated, where they are treated as individuals and where they are taught relatively separate, in China, all the class is together and learns the same things.

-In the mandatory levels of school (up to ninth grade) students are not segregated into different classes by level.

-This is due to the belief that anybody can succeed academically if they put in enough work, effort and concentration.
Supporting arguments for Chinese education style
-By having the students show more respect towards teachers, they will strive to do better in the class because they see the person as a superior giving you commands.

-Students also behave better because of the teacher wielding more power and the students being aware of that fact.

-By having more tests, it is easier for the school to see whether a student is able to use his knowledge in a real situation and proceed to the appropriate measures.

-Also, by not segregating students at such a
young age, their self-esteem is built up for the
Opposing arguments for the Chinese education style
-By having students see teachers as superiors, they may fear them which detracts from learning.

-Also, when the system is not inquirer based, students may never learn skills for obtaining information successfully later on in life.

-Stressing tests so much allows for one failure to have a myriad of unintended consequences.

-For example, if you do not perform well in your 中考, you may not be able to enter a very good high school, making you not get a very good grade on your 高考, causing to to not get into a very good college, if you get into one, that is.



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