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Evelina Kempele

on 1 October 2014

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Transcript of URBAN TRIBE

Thank you for attention!! :)

Rasta - rastafari movement member
Rastas believe that the Ethiopian emperor Haile Selasije I (Ras Tafari, Jah) is an incarnation (i
) of God, who will manage all African people and black people all over the world to freedom. The word "Rastafari" comes from the Ras Tafari Makonnena that was Haile Selasije I name before the coronation.

The belief to Haile Selasije in Jamaica began after Time magazine published reports of his coronation ceremony in 1930.
What is urban tribe?
Urban Tribes are groups who are together because they have interests in common. They have their passions, heroes, fashion, habits and language.

Evelīna Ķempele 9.k
Rastafari is a religious movement, which began in Jamaica between the farmers and the workers in the early 1930s. It was influenced by the Marcus Garvey "Back to Africa" movement, which believed that all black American citizens need to leave their place of slavery and return to Africa.
Haile Selasije I
Haile Selasije I coronation
When the emperor Haile in 1966 visited Jamaica, at the airport there was waiting for him two hundred thousand rastas.
Rastafari symbols and colors
The Rastafari colors of green, gold and red (sometimes also including black) are displayed on the Rastafari flag, icons, badges and posters. The green, gold and red are the colors of the Ethiopian flag and show the loyalty Rastafari feels towards the Ethiopian state and Haile Selasije.

green color
symbolizes the natural beauty of Ethiopia.
- land of wealth (
- all the black people's suffering
Black lion
symbolizes the Emperor Haili Selasije, also the Rastaman black skin color.
Rastas marijuana use in religious practices, because it is the sacrament
which helps in meditation and reveals the truth. According to them, it also has medicinal properties.

Bob Marley have said:
Why the government doesn't allow smoking the weed? Because this would ease the people minds and would break all the material that has captured people minds.
Rastafari music
Rastafari most popular music is reggae. Bob Marley is one of the most famous reggae musican and rastafari movement member.
Bob Marley did very much to raise international awareness of the Rastafari movement.
Bob Marley live in 1979 -
No women no cry
Rastafari has his own celebrations:
Bob Marley's birthday
Marcus Garvey's birthday
Haile Salisije's I birthday
Ethiopian Christmas

Rastafari now
In 2000 there was 2 millions rastas. 5-10% of the Jamaican population identify themselves as rastas. Most of them are vegetarians.
Rastafari movement haven't got any center and many rastas even worries that Rastafari ideas are more a way of life, not a religion.
Bob Marley
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