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Charlotte Chan

on 9 April 2014

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Transcript of Copy of download free prezi template

The radio industry in Hong Kong
History of radio
not common
new technology, expensive
Reasons for increasing prevalence of radio
Transformation of forms of radio

Transform from wired radio to wireless radio
Wired Radio
Wireless Radio
Conclusion and Prediction

Better manipulation of technology
Mass production of radio device
Large number of migrants moving in
Acquire knowledge to adapt new environment
Wired radio:
sent messages through cables
accessible only in places with loudspeakers installed
Wireless radio:
In early 1950s
bulky and expensive
low technological level
Transform from wired radio to wireless radio
In mid-1950s
rapid advances in transistor technologies
mass production of transistor radios
Potable Radio
Mobile Phone
Application in Smart Phone
history of radio in 1930s and 1950s
introduction of official radio channels in Hong Kong
development of phone in system
present situation of radio industry
example of RTHK and other private-owned radios
impact of IT on Hong Kong radio industry
conclusion & prediction of future Hong Kong radio industry
Phone-in Radio
*A programme format
*Listeners' live comments by telephone
*A specific topic

Aim: *An opportunity for communication & interaction
*Equal and direct discussion/conversation with the hosts.
Telephone line
Audio console
A telephone hybrid
Impedance matching/
digital signal processing
* Audio quality of the call
Administrative assistant
* Audio quality of the call
E.g: Free like a wind, free phone
(A HK phone-in programme )
-A new channel for expression of the will of the people
-2012, host NG Chi Sum stop broadcasting
-Explanation from RTHK
-Controversies from the public
* An exploration process of balancing
Internet radio (Record+live broadcast)
Video compression
Audio coding
Convenience+Instant news

Better informed of current affairs

Better performance in politics (democracy)
Development in News Industry
Internet radio (Live broadcasting, etc.)
-Live broadcasting-
Radio broadcast without delay
Live Broadcasting and Further Development
Programmes Review
Characteristics and Market Shape of Hong Kong
Information techonology is well-developed
Information flow is fast
Compeititive market
Develop different branches to maintain competitiveness
City Forum
*A public forum every Sunday in
Victoria Park
* Politicians, Academics, prominent
public celebrities.
*Q & A session: the public's
* More active participation and opinionated
* A form of civil society
Negative: Uncles of Victoria
Park vs Brothers of Victoria Park
Cultural diversity
Initial: 3 channels + a few programmes
Present: 12 channels + hundreds of programmes

*Satisfaction of various needs,
including the minority groups.
*Cultural plurality
Only RTHK?
*Reaction of Radio Stations
Other media
More different programs
Radio Stations in HK
29 licensed terrestrial radio station
Government radio-television station
RTHK (1923)
Commerical Radio Stations
Commercial Radio (1959)

Metro Radio HK (1991)

Digital Broadcasting Corporation (2008)

Phoenix U Radio (2010)
-Radio 1
(For general topics)
-Radio 2
(information and entertainment)
-Radio 3
(English Channel)
-Radio 4
(Western Classical Music)
-Radio 5
(Culture, Education & Chinese Opera)
-Radio 6
(Putonghua Channel)
Supercharged 881
Target: General Public (Most Listeners)
Content: Information & social issues
Ultimate 903
Target: Teenagers & Students
Content: Pop Songs, Broadcasting Plays
Atmosphere: relaxing, creative & entertaining
24 hours music playing station
Examples of
Radio programmes
On a Clear Day (6:30am-10am) (2004)
Commercial Radio (881 version & 903 version)
881 more serious, 903 more entertaining
Discussing Political Issues
- Citizens phone in to express their
- Argue with the hosts
- Show their political preference
Talk of the town
-Ultimate 903 (2300-0100) (2009)
-Dominated by listeners phone-in
-Everyday different topic
(hosts/listeners share own experience)
E.g, Experience of betrayal, embarassment
-Many sections: Share Ghost Stories
-Share love stories and give advices without scolding
-+852 1872893

Impact of IT on Hong Kong Radio Industry
Transition of Radio Industry
Competitiveness (External)
Function of Radio is replaced
Competitiveness (Internal)
Increase number of channels
7 - 33 channels
Loss of Human Resource
DJ leaves radio industry
Transition of Radio Industry (Accessibility)
Transition of Radio Industry (Pluraity)
Online Boardcasting
Instant chat room
Video boardcasting
Live boardcasting (City Forum)
Online forum
Daily lifestyle
News report (Instant)
Music (English, Cantonese, Korean, Japanese... etc)
Horse Racing
Transition of Radio Industry (Accessibility)
Since 1980s。。。
Although British Colony。。。
- People-->HK local identity
-More aware to local social issues

(A period of no Internet...)
- More and more people listen to radio
-Radio-->good channels for listeners to:
-Express themselves
-Ask others opinions
-Ask questions

Politicians & Professionals:
Receive People's Opinions

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