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Eric would like to move to Glenn old office because

No description

Eric Wilson

on 24 February 2015

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Transcript of Eric would like to move to Glenn old office because

The Bigger Picture...
Idea 1
Eric would like to move to Glenn old office because

Quieter environment for videos
Quieter environment for proofs/edits
Hear the telephone better
Conduct online training quietly
Still in IT!
Idea 2
Convert Online Learning Area to Small Group Training Room

Easily 1-7 people - great for one-to-one

Faculty and Staff ONLY - No Students

Come though door in area or front door

Ideal for VDI, Blackboard/Canvas Training, InSight Training
Clean and add 1-7 VDI stations and a Mac
Blue cabinet (Eric's) becomes Trainer Station
Clean Whiteboard and reuse
Add a SmartBoard or Projector
Make better use of the facility

Allow for smaller group training

Can be used for meetings as well....
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