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Charles Stewart Parnell and Irish Nationalism

No description

kate nolan

on 27 March 2013

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Transcript of Charles Stewart Parnell and Irish Nationalism

Home Rule Background June 27, 1846- October 6, 1891 C.S. Parnell Parnell's leadership became leader of the Irish National Land League in October of 1879 Parnell's fall the letters printed by the Times in 1887, purportedly from Parnell, claiming sympathy with the murderers of Cavendish and Burke Bibliography Katie Nolan Charles Stewart Parnell
and Irish Nationalism raised in Wicklow as the seventh child of a well-to-do Protestant landlord and an American mother attended Cambridge from 1865-1869 inspired by the inexperienced Blennerhasset's victory in the County Clare by-election of 1872 and by Parliament's new secret ballot for elections won the Meath election representing Home Rule in April of 1875 "A marvelous man, a terrible fall." -W.E. Gladstone, 1865 ambiguous cause generally understood as the restoration, in some form, of self-government to Ireland initially lacked cohesion had Irish nationalism as its ideal gained chairmanship of Irish Parliamentary Party in March 1880 replaced the declining Land League with the National League in October 1882 arrested for treason after a speech on 13 October 1881 released in April of 1882 the divorce of Captain O'Shea from Katharine O'Shea in 1890 Gladstone's warning and the subsequent party divide in late 1890 death in 1891 Boyce, D. George. "Nationalism in Ireland". 3rd ed. Kee, Robert. "The Laurel and the Ivy: The Story of Charles Stewart Parnell and Irish Nationalism". London: Hamish Hamilton, 1993. Print. O'Brien, Conor Cruise. "Parnell and His Party: 1880-90". Oxford: Clarendon, 1957. Print. Lyons, F.S.L. "Charles Stewart Parnell". New York: Oxford UP, 1977. Print. McCord, Norman. "British History, 1815-1906". Oxford: Oxford UP, 1991. Print.
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