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Child Marriage

A justice project by Rishob, Mayuri, and Chaeli

Chaeli Brown

on 25 May 2010

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Transcript of Child Marriage

How many of you would
ever want to get married
someday? Reem Al Numery was twelve years old when she was forced to marry her 30-year-old cousin. Four days later she was raped by her husband.
Her parents did nothing to stop it. In fact... Her father arranged it. To stay with his/her parents
To an education
To proper health care
To protection Children have the right Child marriages are
violating every one of
these rights. 40% of the world's
child marriages happen in
56% of those occur in
rural areas. Some mothers encourage
child marriages in an attempt to "protect" their
daughters against rape.
This violates a child's right to protection, proving that if the child has to leave their own home to be safe, then the children should be removed from that home. Child marriages affect multiple aspects of young girls' lives. Education, for example Studies have shown that the weaker the educational system is,
the more child marriages take place. Developed countries as much, which is why NGOs are more active in developing countries. But with the girls getting married so early,that leaves no time for them to further their education and earn a living.

In multiple countries, girls are not considered as important as boys.
This causes parents to marry off their children with little regard for their future and more about the families social ranking. After a girl is married, it is her job to do
the cooking
the cleaning
obeying her husband and fulfill her families' every wish
looking after the children
Virtually leaving no time for her studies. Most girls, after not recieving an educaition past primary shcool have no idea that any of their rights (or laws for that matter) are being violated. NGOs such as Vikas Adhyayan Kendra have set out to teach girls valuable life lessons and educate them on why they shouldn't be married as children, like health problems. Many girls don't even understand what's happening until thier parents drop them off at their new home. They are completely unprepared for their new future. Speaking of health... Nandini, 15, is beaten by her alcoholic husband, 23.
She works as a sweeper in order to support her family. Nandini was forced to stop school in 10th grade. Elham Assi,13, bleed to death in the hospital 4 days after being married to her husband, 23.
The cause of death was internal bleeding from rape. "She looked like she was butchered,"
said the mother, who persuaded her daughter to have sex as not to shame the family. Young brides are five times more likely to die in child birth.
The risk of AIDS through unprotected sex is also increased. Also, the babies have higher risks of being born premature, with HIV/AIDS, or with other complications. If child marriage continues at this rate, an additoinal 100 million girls in developing countries will be married within the next decade. That is 25,000 new child brides every single day for the next 10 years. Kavita, who runs her own NGO tries to educate girls on the health risks of child marriages. Laws have been made trying to protect young girls against marriage, attempting to create harsher punishments for any parties involved in Child marriages. An important risk to child marriages that not many people know about is the mental damage it can do to a girls personal development. Rangina, 13, was forcibly married in an exchange marriage. Her father wanted a new wife so he traded her for one.
Faced constant abuse from mentally ill husband and mother-in-law.
The effects of both emotional and physical abuse on a developing girl are extremely detrimental.
Not only are they trying to figure out their own lives, but then being forced to marry someone so much older is overwhelming and unfair to them. Being married at such a young age eliminates any chance of these girls gaining their independence and finding themselves. They go straight from their parents' house to their husband's house.
Girls like this never get the opportunity for find for themselves and earn a living. With people telling them what do and expecting so much from them, they have no time to for themselves during such an intergal part of their lives. Organizations such as the Ministry of Women's Affairs in India have arranged safe houses for girls in these types of destructive environments. Would you get married right now, if you could? Practically as old as time itself and spreading over 4 continents, child marriage has become a part of modern culture from the Latter Day Saints in the USA... To the time honored traditoin of Islam in the Middle East. If people all over the world raise awareness towards child brides through NGOs, UNICEF, and advertising. So spread the word. Blog about it. Write about it. Tell random people in the street about it. The more people know, the more they can do to help. Some people defend it, saying it's a part of history or religion. Then what about
gender discrimination?
polygamy? Don't stand by and let this happen to more girls.
Don't let there be another Reem, or Nandini, or Elham. You're only young once. Don't waste it. What if you didn't have a choice? When you get married at the age of twelve, your childhood is instantly replaced with responsibility. Child Marriage:
A World Wide Battle
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