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Copy of The Trickster

No description

Myth Man

on 18 January 2013

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Transcript of Copy of The Trickster

The Trickster! The Trickster openly mocks authority, encourages mischief, promotes chaos and unrest. They destroy agreement and satisfaction between other characters. At the same time, the trickster brings new knowledge and wisdom.
Their shenanigans are the cause of other characters' frustration, but he himself is left not bothered. What is a trickster? They are usually-
Lack of responsibility
Mean spirited
Manipulative Characteristics of a Trickster~ Pop Culture Examples- Megan Parker: (Drake and Josh) We usually see Megan playing vicious pranks on her brothers, Drake and Josh.
She also taunts them with insulting names, forces them to do disgusting stuff, and lies to her parents in order to get her brothers in trouble.
As she gets older she has a large array of high-tech gadgets which she uses to manipulate those around her. "You know what Josh? I have dreams. And sometimes in those dreams, things happen to you." Jennifer (Jennifer's Body) Jennifer manipulates the feelings of those around her to get what she wants.
She turns those closest to her against each other in order to get power.
She tricks many into loving her although she is ruining her town.
She could also be classified as a villain. √ Selfish
√ Destroys Trust
√ Little Responsiblity
√ Lovable
√ Clever Manipulation √ Manipulative
√ Humorous
√ Clever
√ Little Responsibility
√ Lovable Amanda DeVleeschower Amanda DeVleeschower (Tom and Jerry) Tom and Jerry They constantly play pranks on eachother.
Tom always tries to trick Jerry into getting trapped so that Tom may eat him.
Jerry is always smart enough to catch on to Tom's plan and turn it against him. √ Selfish
√ Clever Manipulation
√ Untrustable
√ Persistent Raven Natividad (Family Guy) Stewie Griffin He is always plotting to take over the world.
He is usually thinking about how to kill Lois.
Stewie talks to Brian about how much he hates the world, the way that he wants to take the world, and how everyone underestimates him.
He has an evil layer in his nursery. √ Maniacal
√ Hateful
√ Smart/ Clever
√ Humorous
√ Loveable "Damn you vile woman, you've impeded my work since the day I escaped your vile womb." Raven Natividad (The Breakfast Club) Bender He is defined as a trickster because in the movie he is known for being the "Bad boy" You figure out that he is there because he pulled the fire alarm, also throughout the movie he constantly bothers the character Claire, he fights Andrew (The Jock), he pesters Brian, he leaves the library, takes the screw off the door, brings drugs, smokes in the library & more. These are all traits of a trickster because he goes against normal society & breaks rules. √ Lack of responsibility
√ Selfish
√ Loveable
√ Clever
√ Humorous
√ Foolish "Being bad feels pretty good, huh?" Samantha Rinchetti (Ferris Bueler's Day Off) Ferris Bueler Ferris Bueler can be defined as a Trickster because the movie begins with him faking sick & then explaining how he faked it. Then, throughout the movie he gets his friend Cameron to pretend to be his girlfriends dad, they bust his girlfriend out of school, he gets Cameron to take his dads car, they pretend to be rich people & take a reservation, they go to a baseball game, & they take over a parade. All in all, Ferris breaks the rules & goes against society, but does get away with it. √ Humorous
√ Loveable
√ Clever
√ Lack of responsiblity
√ Foolish "Hey Cameron, do you realize if we played by the rules, we'd be in gym right now?" Samantha Rinchetti (The Simpsons) Bart Simpson He is always playing pranks on the school, family, friends, and just about the whole town.
He does everything for a laugh, but sometimes it gets him into trouble. √ Loveable
√ Clever
√ Humorous
√ Lack of responsibility
√ Foolish Bart said, "Hi, I'm looking for a man; first name Hugh, last name Jass". Then Moe said, "Okay, has anyone seen Hugh Jass? Hello?! I'm looking for a Hugh Jass!" *everyone in bar laughs* Keyonna Knox Peter Pan Wendy: Sir, you are both ungallant and deficient!
Peter: How am I deficient?
Wendy: You're just a boy. In Neverland he is very playful.
The character has become a symbol for youthful exuberance and innocence.
He is never mature. √ Lack of responsibility
√ Humorous
√ Loveable
√ Foolish (Immature)
√ Clever The Weasley Twins (Harry Potter) Literary Examples Their goal was to open a joke shop.
They make fireworks and a magical swap.
They make Umbridge loose the power she previously had.
They dropped out of school, although they were not stupid, they just didn't fit the label for "real knowledge", their knowlege challenges authority. √ Lack of responsibility √ Humorous
√ Lovable
√ Foolish
√ Clever Sodapop (The Outsiders) Sodapop Curtis is classified as a trickster because he is a "greaser" so they are already classified as dirty, irresponsible and more. But Sodapop is the humor in the Curtis family, but goes outside of normal society because he dropped out of school. "Hey, after we beat them Socs real good tonight, me and Stevie are gunna throw a huge party and get RIPPED!" √ Foolish
√ Humorous
√ Irresponsible
√ Loveable Samantha Rinchetti Keyonna Knox Keyonna Knox Loki (Scandinavian Mythology) Loki was a god in Valhalla.
He was a shape shifter, gender shifter, and trouble maker.
The most famous story of Loki is his trick on Hoder. Loki convinces Hoder, who is blind, to join in on the bullying of Baldur. Hoder believes he is tossing a twig at Baldur, but the twig is Mistletoe (Baldur's only weakness)
He tricked people into having sex with him through a seducing song. √ Manipulative
√ Clever
√ Foolish
√ Mean Spirited Raven Natividad The Grinch Basic character we all recognize growing up.
He dressed up Santa to deceive Whoville.
He attempted to steal all of the presents and decorations to create a sad Christmas. √ Selfish
√ Mean spirited
√ Clever
√ Deceiving
√ Manipulative (changes) Amanda DeVleeshcower
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