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No description

lisamarie velozwong

on 1 June 2017

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Transcript of Atlantis

Atlantis was formed in the Polynesian islands.
Some people think Plato was just saying the story Atlantis for entertainment.
People say they found stones and bricks and they Think Atlantis is real.
They found this at the bottom of the meditteranean sea.
Passed on by word of mouth for 900 years before Plato told it in two texts , Timaeus and Critias.
Earthquakes and floods
as punishments by the
gods for becoming
materialistic and corrupt.
This is Atlantis.
People think that Atlantis was located on one of the corners of the Bermuda Triangle and the Mary Celeste crashed into Atlantis,Atlantis and the Mary Celeste sunk.
People say that Atlantis sunk or it is somewhere that nobody knows where it is. It was back in ancient times. No one knows if Atlantis is real. Do you think Atlantis is real ???
People think that aliens helped build Atlantis.
According to Plato Atlantis was located in front of the Pillars of Hercules.
Lisamarie does not belive that Atlantis is real because in a video it said that they think it is not real and it gave facts and said why Atlantis is not real. That's why Lisamarie thinks that Atlantis is not real.
Did Plato write a historical truth or create a fable about Atlantis in order to make a philosophical point?
By: Lisamarie,Sophia,Hasset
Atlantis was named after the king Atlis.
Legend holds that Atlantis tried to attack the Greek city of Athens around 9600 B.C.
In 360 B.C. the greek writer Plato wrote about Atlantis.
9,200 years before Plato's birth the imperial island could claim dominion over most of the Mediterranean.
People think that Atlantis is Antarctica.The closest guess is in Cadiz somewhere between Spain and the Moroccan waters close to the Pillars of Hercules.
Its sunken mass lay deep
The Unexplained by:Troy Michels
The Lost City of Atlantis by: Ponkin Andrew
Mystic Places by:Time Life Books
Atlantis and Other Lost Islands by:Rob Shone
under the Atlantic ocean
People think Atlantis is in these places,
Spartel Bank
The Indian Ocean
Canary islands
Meditteranian sea
near Africa
Disappeared by earthquakes and floods caused by Zeus and Poseidon
Atlantis had advanced technology for its age

Atlantis was a lengendary continent
A volcano named Thera erupted around 1500 B.C.
Sophia believes that Atlantis is real because they found evidence on the bottom of the Atlantic ocean and Meditteranean sea.
Hasset belives that Atlantis is real.Plato wrote the story he did it because it was real. He did not do it for entertainment he did it because it really was real. That's why Atlantis is real.
The End Or Is It ?
What Do You BelivE?
Some say Atlantis is just a story that Plato wrote so people wouldn't turn their backs on the gods.
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