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Career Possibilities Project

Prepared by Kimberly Tsarpalas for Indiana University BUS-T175

Kimberly Tsarpalas

on 16 February 2018

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Transcript of Career Possibilities Project

My Interests
Key Takeaways
Kelley School of Business Majors
1. Influencing Others
2. Quantitative Analysis
3. Managing People and Teams
Enjoys Giving Presentations
4th place National Business Presentation
Effectively Manages Large Groups
President of 500 Member Organization
The points in
outline key characteristics of this interest and points in
list the ways I have demonstrated this interest
Makes an Impact in the Lives of Others
2nd place National Community Service Project
Makes Persuasive Arguments
Intern for Congressional Campaign Canvassing Door-to-Door and by Phone
Analyzing Market Research
Conducted Surveys and Presented Data Trends
Finds Data and Financial Transactions Interesting
Competed in the Lake County Accounting Competition
Organizes and Coordinates Events
Founder and Chairman of "Sole Searching Shoe Collection"

Economic Consulting

Public Policy Analysis



Information and Process Management



Operations Management

Legal Studies

International Business

Technology Management
Individuals in this field can either serve as Corporate and
Public Accountants. In this position you work with financial records, auditing, and taxation.
Uses data analysis techniques to predict
future economic outcomes for businesses or other agencies.
Public Policy Analysts examine federal and
international policies to create an economic strategy for the organization.
Entrepreneurs are traditionally individuals who start
their own business but a degree in entrepreneurship can also be implemented in an existing company to spark innovation and create new business plans.
Finance majors mostly work in consulting where they analyze
investments and prospective investments for companies or individuals.
IPM majors
manage large IT processes and solve problems within the field of global IT business process models.
Management includes implementing strategies to improve
operations and allocating tasks to several individuals to accomplish one common goal.
Marketing majors learn how to effectively advertise and
distribute products. The key components include research, merchandising, and consulting.
An operations management majors'
job is to effectively create and distribute products. They also create new ways to complete this process more efficiently and oversee all the operations.
The business world is regulated by the laws of the
government and legal studies majors can implement procedures to follow the laws and ethical guidelines established for businesses.
Large corporations require International
Business students when they grow and become international and need to understand the cultural differences between different nations where they operate.
Skills in IT will set a student apart from the
rest by being able to analyze and calculate data more efficiently.
International Business
Public Policy Analysis
Legal Studies
Average starting salary: $53,333
Kelley has a "Legal Studies Club"
Legal Studies is a 15 credit major and is often paired with other majors
Is Legal Studies right for me?
I am currently taking BUS-L201 and I enjoy it; however, I do not think Legal Studies would be the right major for me because I do not like memorizing laws or looking at cases as examples of precedent and it does not match any of my top interests.
Average Starting Salary: $58,164
95% of Public Policy majors have a job offer before winter break of their senior year
Public Policy is an 18 credit hour major that is paired with Economic Consulting because more than half of their courses overlap. Most students double major in both Public Policy Analysis and Economic Consulting which is 27 credit hours.
Is Public Policy Analysis right for me?
In High School I was very involved with national political organizations so I have some experience with public policy but my interests do not overlap with this major so I do not think it is the best choice for me.
Average Starting Salary: $50,347
Management at Kelley is associated with the "Kelley Consulting Group"
Management is an 18 credit major
Is Management right for me?
Management aligns perfectly with my top interests of "Influencing Others" and "Managing Individuals and Teams." Management is a field of study that I have been interested in for several years and I plan to have it as one of my majors.
Career Possibilities:
Financial Manager- My interests include managing and "Quantitative Analysis" so integrating the two would be an ideal job position.

Customer Relations Manager- As a Customer Relations Manager, I would have the opportunity to exercise my interest in management while also getting to communicate with individuals outside the office which is important to me.
International Business is only offered as a co-major
There is a cross-cultural awareness requirement that can be met one of four ways:
Language Proficiency at fourth level
Complete a 6 semester study abroad program
Complete a total of 6 credits on two or more study abroad programs
International Business is a 15 credit co-major
Kelley has an "International Business Association"
Is International Business right for me?
International Business does not match any of my interests exactly but could apply to "Influencing Others" because this position would be a consulting position for other employees at the company. I originally was not considering International Business but now I will consider this as an option because it pairs well with Management and I plan to study abroad.
Average Starting Salary: $57,104
Finance is a 24 credit hour major
There are several Kelley organizations related to Finance including Undergraduate Finance Club, Undergraduate Investment Club, and Investment Banking Club
Is Finance right for me?
Finance directly matches my "quantitative analysis" interest because finance majors often analyze and compare investment opportunities. Finance is currently one of my intended majors and is possibly my major for the 3/2 Graduate degree program.
Career Possibilities
Budget Analyst- Budget analysts help companies prepare budgets for different branches or committees and manage the overall yearly budget of the company. I have experience working with budgets in organizations and have implemented budget cuts for uneccessary costs.

Financial Analyst- I enjoy working with investments and calculating investment possibilities as noted in my "quantitative analysis" interest. I would want to be a corporate financial analyst rather than a personal financial analyst because I job shadowed a personal financial analyst in high school and cannot see myself reaching my full potentital in that position.
Academic Plan
Credits received before arriving at Indiana University:
US Government
US History
English Literature and Composition
English Language and Composition
Calculus AB
POLS-Y 103
ENG-L 198
ECON-E 201
ECON-E 202
PSY-P 101
MATH-M 211
GEOL-G 103
Course Number
Satisfies N&M Breadth of Inquiry requirement
Satisfies N&M Natural Science requirement
Satisfies English Composition requirement
Satisfies S&H requirement
Freshman Year
Semester 1
Semester 2
Finite Math
How Business Works
KLLC Community Development
Kelley Compass I: The Individual
Honors Computer in Business
Legal Environment of Business
MATH-M 118
BUS-X 170
BUS-T 134
BUS-T 175
BUS-K 204
BUS-L 201
Honors Business Presentations
Honors Managerial Accounting
Global Business Environments
Great Authors, Composers, and Artists
BUS-C 106
BUS-X 201
BUS-A 207
ECON-E 370
BUS-D 270
HON-H 233
Satisfies A&H requirement
Sophomore Year
Semester 1
Honors Financial Accounting
Honors Business Communication
Kelley Compass II:The Team
Business, Government, & Society
Introduction to Human Resources
Literature of Time and Place
BUS-A 205
BUS-C 205
BUS-T 275
BUS-G 202
BUS-Z 340
HON-H 234
Semester 2
Global Business Immersion
Intermediate Accounting
Cost Accounting
Communication for Accountants
Taxes and Decision Making
Managing and Behavior in Organizations
BUS-X 272
BUS-A 311
BUS-A 325
BUS-C 301
BUS-A 329
BUS-Z 302
Junior Year
Semester 1

Honors I-Core
Ethics & the 21st Century Business Leader
Semester 2
BUS-BE 304
BUS-L 375
Intermediate Investments
Intermediate Corporate Finance
Leadership, Teamwork, and Diversity
Organizations and Organizational Change
Topics in Management
Analysis of Business Decisions and Advanced
Case Analysis and Effective Consulting Presentations
BUS-F 303
BUS-F 305
BUS-Z 447
BUS-W 430
BUS-Z 355
BUS-BE 411
I learned:
how to compare possible majors with my interests to ensure I am making good choices that will influence my future career
there are certain majors that I have no interest in while there are others I had not considered and now want to research further

I want to talk to someone who is a Management major because if I choose to major in Management in addition to Finance and Accounting I need to start taking the classes first semester of my sophomore year. I hope they will give me advice on whether these majors are a good combination.

"Salary Statistics: Kelley School of Business"
"Kelley Major Sheets" Available through OnCourse 09/24/2013
"AOL Jobs" http://jobs.aol.com/articles/2009/01/26/top-10-jobs-in-banking-and-finance/ 09/24/2013
"Kelley Business Majors Videos" Available on YouTube 09/24/2013
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"Choosing a College Major: How to Chart Your Ideal Path" http://www.quintcareers.com/choosing_major.html 09/24/2013
Satisfies A&H requirement
The following schedule was arranged with my academic advisor in order to triple major in Management, Accounting, and Finance and receive a MBA degree from the 3/2 program. Three years of the schedule are included to show all classes until 3/2.
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