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The Battles of Fredericksburg, Missouri

Two Civil War Battles of Fredericksburg, Missouri in 1864 took place near the border of Clay and Ray Counties between present day Excelsior Springs and Wood Heights

Brian Smarker

on 26 May 2013

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Transcript of The Battles of Fredericksburg, Missouri

by Brian V. Smarker The Battles of Fredericksburg, Missouri Background for Research
Brief History of Fredericksburg, MO
Battles of Fredericksburg
Confederate Soldiers
Union Soldiers
Monuments Second Battle of Fredericksburg
Friday, 12 Aug 1864 Objectives Monument
Near intersection of 132nd (or Fredericksburg) and Doniphan Lake Roads
Golf course fairway #15
Dedicated 1 Oct 1936 History of Clay and Platte Counties, Missouri "About the 10th of August, the noted guerrilla Bill Anderson came into the county from a successful raid as far east as Shelbina, Shelby County."

After a reorganization, Anderson had 65 men
Traveled towards Ray and Carroll Counties to meet up with recruits under Col. J. C. C. Thornton and bushwhackers under George Todd and John Thrail [sic]

"Capt. Patton Colly [sic], of Ray, who commanded the company of militia referred to (Co. E, 51st E. M. M.), set out at once at the head of not more than thirty men."

Brothers, Smith and John Hutchings were captured and silenced
George O'Dell was immediately shot
Phillip Siegel was chased down when his horse apparently tripped over a log
Bill Anderson shot Capt. Colley in a barnyard when his horse wouldn't jump a fence Liberty Tribune
Friday, Aug. 19, 1864 Vol. XIX, No. 13, Pg. 2, Col. 1 First Battle of Fredericksburg
Sunday, 17 Jul 1864 47 Union patrols of 2nd Colorado Cavalry led by Capt. Thomas Moses
One-third of a larger contingent from Liberty, Missouri
Over 300 Confederate guerillas led by Capt. John Thrailkill
Outranked by Colonel John Calhoun "Coon" Thornton
Lost influence after the burning of Platte City and Camden Point
Charles “Fletch” Taylor
Frank James
Jesse James
History of Ray County, Missouri Liberty Tribune
Friday, 22 Jul 1864 Vol. XIX, No. 9, Pg. 2, Col. 2 Background for Research Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War Register graves
Register monuments
Locate GAR Post records
Identify last Union soldiers
Educate the public Founded in 1835 by William Estes
Situated on State Road which made it an important trading post until after the Civil War
Town no longer exists History of Fredericksburg Doniphan Lake and Fredericksburg Roads To Elkhorn To Liberty Ray County Clay County Excelsior Springs Wood
Heights Fredericksburg Battles of Fredericksburg First battle
Sunday, 17 Jul 1864

Second battle
Friday, 12 Aug 1864 St. Louis: National Historical Company. 1885. Newspaper Discrepancies Leading
up to Dedication of Monument 28 Sep 1936
The battle “was fought on the evening of August 12, 1864,” and “all of the dead were buried in a single grave….”

30 Sep 1936
Richard Bates, a lifelong resident of the Fredericksburg vicinity “doesn’t remember just what the date of the battle of Fredericksburg was, but it was on a Sunday in August in ’64.” This he recalls because he “had been returning from a church meeting.” Bates was told by relatives about the Union soldiers, “The six killed were taken to Pisgah church….”

1 Oct 1936
Another resident, John Lee, remembered the stories of how “J. C. Isley… was hired by the citizens to gather the bodies of the combatants after the battle and bury them. Isley, he said, hauled the bodies in a lumber wagon to the Pisgah church yard, where they were buried in a common grave.”

2 Oct 1936
City Manager, Bernard Alnutt, dedicated the monument the day before. He related how the battle was a “brief but bitter struggle.” The journalist, who referred to the Federals as “Redlegs,” went on to say, “The bushwackers [sic] escaped without a casualty” and “To these six [Union] men who died, and who were buried in a common garve [sic] in the old Pisgah churchyard, without a marker, this monument, with its bronze tablet will stand as a memorial.”
The Daily Standard Phillip Siegel Capt. Patten Colley John & Smith Hutchings Siegel Cemetery
Ray County Riffe Cemetery
Ray County Enon Cemetery
Clay County Graves of Union Veterans Killed
in the Second Battle of Fredericksburg George O'Dell Grave not located No Monument Colorado State Archives Colorado Civil War Casualties Index
Alphabetized by soldier’s name, company, rank
$25 per name, $12 per additional name researched
$85 for six names
St. Louis: Missouri Historical Company, 1881 Colorado.gov Sons of Union
Veterans of the Civil War Dept. of Colorado and Wyoming Emailed Gerald Mosley, Commander
Email forwarded to Bill Ward
Office across street from Family History Library in Salt Lake City
Six weeks later, six names were received
Pvt. Charles H. Godfrey
Pvt. David Good
Pvt. John Pickard (aka Picard)
Pvt. William W. Robson (m.i. “H”)
Pvt. Simon Simpkins (aka Simeon)
Pvt. William H. Kirby (process of elimination) Colorado State Archives www.Colorado.gov Union Soldiers Co. E 51st E.M.M. Co. C 2nd Colo. Cav. Co. M 2nd Colo. Cav. Sgt. Truman C. Greenslit Pvt. Charles Henry Godfrey
Pvt. David Good
Pvt. John Henry Picard
Pvt. Simeon Simpkins
Pvt. William H. Robson Capt. Patten Colley
Pvt. John Hutchings
Pvt. Smith Hutchings
Pvt. George O'Dell
Pvt. Phillip Siegel Confederate Soldiers Missouri Partisan Rangers
"Quantrill's Raiders" Capt. "Bloody" Bill Anderson
Archie Clements
Frank James
Jesse James
Capt. Charles "Fletch" Taylor
Col. John "Coon" Thornton
Lieut. George Todd Confederates Bill Anderson 1839 - 26 Oct 1864 Richmond Pioneer Cemetery Col. John Calhoun Caldwell Thornton Son of Col. John Calhoun and Elizabeth (Trigg) Thornton
1839 - 1887
b. Clay Co., Missouri
d. Butte City, Montana Archie J. Clements 1846-1866
d. Lexington, Missouri Waterloo Cemetery
Lafayette Co., MO
near Wellington Fairview Cemetery
Liberty, MO Lieut. George M. Todd 1839 - 23 Oct 1864
d. Independence, Missouri Charles Fletcher "Fletch" Taylor 19 May 1842 - 22 Apr 1912
b. Zanesville, Ohio
d. Oakland, California Cremated and interred in
Green Lawn Cemetery Union Soldiers Pvt. Charles Henry Godfrey Charles “Chuck” A. Godfrey of Amsterdam, Netherlands
Descendant of soldier’s brother
Godfrey family moved to Council Bluffs, Iowa
Charles, the oldest child, sought employment in silver mines of Colorado
Pension file #396864 filed by Orlando Godfrey, father
Pvt. John Henry Picard 29 Dec 1834 - 17 Jul 1864
b. St. Louis, MO Picard move to St. Joseph, MO about 1836
Married Octavia Lajoie 1 May 1855
Daughter Susanna born 9 Feb 1856
Octavia died 17 Jun 1857
Pension #103703 filed in daughter's name
Found 2g-granddaughter Marjorie Fowler Running on GenForum.com
Lost track of Picard after 1860 Oct 1846 - 17 Jul 1864
b. Mansfield, Connecticut Pvt. Simeon Simpkins ~1844 - 17 Jul 1864
b. Indiana Orphaned by age 5 after death of parents, George and Agnes
Raised by Finch and Caroline Hartwell of Whitley, Indiana
Descendants contacted, but unable to attend Pvt. David Good ? Pvt. William H. Robson ? Nothing found through research
Received an email shortly after dedication ceremony from a man who believed I found his "lost" ancestor Nothing found through research Sgt. Truman C. Greenslit 1831 - 17 Jul 1864
b. Oneida Co., New York Orphaned at age 4 years following the deaths of his parents, Granger C. and Polly Maria (Scranton) Greenslit
Raised by uncle, Joel Kingsberry Greenslit
Discovered Nathaniel and Elizabeth (Moss) Hitchcock of New Haven, Connecticut to be Truman’s 4th great grandparents
They're my 9th great-grandparents
We're 5th cousins, 5 times removed Monuments Woodlawn Cemetery
Independence, MO
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