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M2K Kids

on 31 October 2014

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Transcript of Halloween

Historical Facts
*The Celtics believed that dressing up as a ghoul or a ghost they would fool evil spirits so they wouldn't take their souls.
The Start of Halloween
The start of Halloween started in the 1900s in America when the Irish immigrated over to America bringing a lot of there Halloween cultures.
The Idea of Trick Treating
The idea of Trick or Treating started when the Celtics believed that spirits who visited would disguise themselves as humans and knock on people's doors asking for food or money. The Celtics then dressed up as ghosts so the spirits wouldn't take their soul when they knocked on the door.

Trick or Treating

In the Middle Ages there was an event that happened on November 1st when poor people would go souling. Souling is when poor people would go door to door and ask for money or food and in return they would give a prayer or a song. Later, souling was changed to trick or treating, and kids didn't have to sing a song or give a prayer, they just got candy.
How Did Halloween Become A Part of the American Culture
Orgin of Halloween
The origin of Halloween is from the ancient Celtic festival Samhaim about 2,000 years ago. The festival on October 31st celebrated the end of the harvest season and the begining of winter. The Celtics had bonfires, lit lamps and dressed up in costume.
Halloween Definition
Halloween, the eve of All Saints' Day, is a holiday celebrated on October 31st. On this evening many children dress up in a costume and go door to door and ask for candy or treats.
The End!!!!!!!
By:Jessica Gotti
Happy Halloween
* The Celtics belived that on October 31st the living and the death would overlap and the dead would damage crops and steal food.
Halloween became a part of the American culture little by little. Most of the Halloween traditions that developed in America were based on Irish or British traditions. Halloween spread from Western America eastward. Halloween got a lot of attention in October 1947 in issues of children's magazines and radio shows.
The History of Jack-o-Lanterns
The Jack-o-Lantern started from an Irish folktale about a man named Stingy Jack. God didn't let Stingy Jack in heaven because he was a very greedy person and Stingy Jack wasn't allowed in the other place because he tricked the Devil. So Stingy Jack was sent to a very dark place. He was given coal to light his way through the darkness. Stingy Jack then put the coal into a carved turnip to make sure that the wind didn't blow the coal out. Irish people then named the turnip the Jack-o-Lantern.
More History of the
Jack -o- Lantern
Irish people then started to carve turnips and put coal in them carved with a scary face. People put them along roadways to light the way for travelers. They also used them to caution evil spirits about invading in their area.
Why Did We Start
Carving Pumpkins
People in America started carving pumpkins when the Irish were coming over to America. The Irish shared their stories about carving turnips. Americans thought it was a good idea to carve turnips but America didn't have many turnips so they just used a pumpkin instead of a turnip. Americans carved scary faces on their Jack-o-Lanterns and set them out on October 31st.
Vampires came from old legends or myths like Count Dracula. Vampires are dead people that drink humans blood by biting their necks with their long canine teeth. Vampires love blood and can turn into bats. They will burn in the sun and cannot see themselves in the mirror. There are many movies based on the blood drinking vampire. Vampires can turn regular humans into vampires. Vampires are very feared in the human world.
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