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Feasibility study

No description

JeneR Yu

on 18 August 2011

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Transcript of Feasibility study

Feasibility study KAY cafe' Business idea Coffee shop for LGBT and friends Location:
80 Ha Hoi, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi Mission statement:
Product: A relax and confortable place for customers to enjoy drinks, musics and chatting Community:
Provide LGBT community support
and job oppotunities for LGBT people The industry and market Discrimination decrease Research Institute for Social, Economic and Environment together with the Institute of Journalism and Propaganda (2009) Government Competitor Penetrating the market No regulation against this issue Direct:
- Around 70,000 coffee shop in Hanoi
- VTN coffee shop in Nguyen Du street
- Bar

- Tea shop
Advertising on websites:
www.nam-man.vn (website of Hai Dang Club)
www.utopia-asia.com (international website)
Tuoi tre
Thanh Nien
Word of mouth Sales promotion:
Discount (special occaion, event time)
Golden hours (1-3pm) Business model and Finance Resources required Human resources: 16 employees Physical resources
Decoration Financial resources
Bank Revenue streams Selling drink and foods Holding parties and meeting Future actions plan Development stage
- Stage 1: first 2 years: the management, customer, financial, hold events and activities.
- Stage 2: 3rd year: started research new location, market, product
- Stage 3: 4th year: open the 2nd coffee shop Break-even point
in June 2012 (after 18 months)
Net profit: 64,000,000VND
Sept 2012: reach 1 billion VND net profit Competitive advantage Good Location LGBT employees Event => create family atmosphere Relationship with social organisations Customers segment LGBT people ( around 45,000 in Hanoi)
Their friends or people who support them
Age: 20-35
Income: >5mil/month VND Sources of capital: total 650 000 000 VND
- From saving, family and friends :
400 000 000 VND
- From bank loans: 250 000 000 VND
Risk Non-payment of debt Defense against LGBT Renting issues Management team
Do Tram Anh: Customer Relationship Manager
Vu Tien Nghia: Financial manager
Pham Ngoc Tram: Personnel Director
Nguyen Thi Quynh Trang: Product Development Manager LGBT more open minded (first lessbian wedding 2010 -vietnamnet) Opportunity Services:
Serve drinks and cakes
Holding meeting
Holding workshop (delivered by Hai Dang club supervisors)
coporate with other sosial organizaition (medical center, consultant center) => give customer information and negotiate for customer's dicount Future mission
"bulding a chain of coffee shop for LGBT"
succesful model: Starbuck, Highland coffee Easy to imitate Getting the neccessary legal papers
Finding a suitable financial resource (bank)
Finding suppliers
Making contact with different social organizations
Recruitment and Training staffs
Continue improvement

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