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Live Event- Dragons Den

Week 3

Neelam Raju

on 26 February 2013

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Transcript of Live Event- Dragons Den

Foundation Drive... Venue Marketing Is our concept appropriate? Core Who? University students, societies, football teams
What? A football tournament
Where? UCB Sports Hall and Bar One
When? Wednesday 8th May 2013 at
16:00- 19:00- Bar One
16:00- 20:20- Sports Hall
To raise awareness and funds for the charity
Get students more active
To have fun Meet the Team ... The Goal Project The Maltings
Sports Hall

“The Sports hall is suitable for a wide range of activities including table tennis, badminton, tennis, volleyball, basketball, 5-a-side football and indoor cricket. Equipment for all these activities can be provided. “ Venue
- Well known venue
- The Maltings UCB students

- The venue is free
- there aren't many expenditures

Health & Safety
- Promotes Health & Fitness
- Supports and encourages those that suffer with asthma

- Direct marketing
- Good target market Crafted Leisure Vision and Mission Statement Event Co-ordinator Operations and HR Manager Risk Assessor Venue Manager Finance Manager Neelam Raju Triine Piirsalu Sirli Sarapuu Karen Hunt Marketing Manager Fan Fengjiao Abbey Yeung Chairman- Kim Douglas
Launched in 2000
Raises awareness about asthma
Improve healthcare provisions for all children suffering with the condition
Previous fundraising events:
- 10th Anniversary 2010
- Charity Ball 2010
- Action Asthma Sport 2004 The George Coller Memorial Fund Event Concept... Financial Considerations Health and Safety Aim and Objectives Thank you for your time and consideration Neelam Raju, Triine Piirsalu, Sirli Sarapuu, Abbey Yeung, Fan Fengjiao and Karen Hunt -End of Presentation- Main risks
Injuries – cuts, broken bones, muscle injuries
Condition of the sports hall & set up
Drinking before the match
Legislation & Licensing
Health & Safety at Work Act 1974
Respect code of conduct Equality Act 2010
Licensing Act 2003 – TEN 1. Based on primary and secondary research data:
-112 attendees maximum for tournament
-16 team maximum
-willing to pay 3~5 pounds for tournament
- £2 per game- FIFA
- 0.50- £1- Cross Bar Challenge 2. Based on Cash flow in event
Financial considerations
key cost area
-public liability insurance-£21
-Marketing costs (flyers, posters,
-tickets and signage) £50 maximum
-Prizes (trophies) £40
-Supplied goods (water) £30
Ticket Pricing:
Tickets Income: £400 Key Costs: £141 Aim:
To help raise awareness and funds for The George Coller Memorial Fund

-To run a successful marketing campaign by having a schedule put in place for marketing distribution
-To promote a healthy lifestyle
-To help encourage those that suffer with asthma to be more active Vision:
Crafted Leisure services will provide recreation opportunities that aim to maximize the participation and contribute to a healthier community.

It is the aim of Crafted Leisure services together with our citizens, neighbourhoods and community to develop various programs, activities, services, special events and facilities that will inspire people to participate in a range of opportunities and experiences that create a strong and vibrant community spirit.
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