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8th Grade I-Search Prezi

A very big part of your year, but a very great experience. Enjoy !

Kelly Lynn

on 29 February 2012

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Transcript of 8th Grade I-Search Prezi

Story of the Findings Story of the Search I-Search Project (cc) photo by jimmyharris on Flickr (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr You start with a Red Bow sentence. Something that grabs the Readers (Audiences) attention. Maybe a question. Tell what your Topic is, Then tell what you already know about your topic. Lastly, you tell why you chose this topic and what you hope to learn about it. As you write your paper you tell who was interviewed, How the interview went, and the sources you used to obtain most of your information about your topic For the story of the search, you are to interview someone that either does what your topic is about or knows alot about it. You need to ask at least 10 questions about what they do or how they know so much about it. Then you start to write the paper. Next, tell what you had to do to get the interview. Did it work well, why or why not. And tell if there were any dead ends (no returned emails, or not all questions answered etc.) The story of the findings contains 50% of your project.
You tell everything that you found, and all of your information is in the findings. It must be two pages long, but you can be creative with it. During this, you tell anything that you didnt already know. for instance, you cannot say that " I already know that police officers wear badges" But you can say what kind of badge depending on the unit. Tell the audience or readers something that YOU found interesting. And express what it was like. Have a fair amount of deatails so you dont bore the audience. Make sure to put it in simple terms that sound like you know what your talking about. The I-Search project is a big part of eigth grade. The thesis behind the project is to basically research your future profession, or something that seriously interests you. Could be a sport, Job, but it CANNOT be a famous person. Conclusion In the conclusion you tell how you feel about the knowledge you have gained about your topic. Then say how your thinking has changed, prior to and after the research, include any unexpected findings (things even you found surprising). Next you tell if you will continue to follow this topic throughout highschool where you could research and learn about it more or if you would like to explore more options. And lastly, Tell the viewers the most enjoable part of your Project. Whether it be the research or the model, or anything else. My I-Search Before I began the I-Search I started to feel a little anxious, because I didnt know if 6 weeks would be enough time research a whole proffession. 6 weeks ended up being the perfect amount of time. Within the first week I had already finished my research because I had 6 pages of notes that were very accurate. The week after I started my posterboard, which was the easy part. My model came next and I am very happy with the outcome of it. Over all, I am extremely happy with my I search because I feel I did a good job and I hope my viewers will think so too. Kelly McNair
2012 Introduction What are the "Must Have's" for an I Search?
One of the items you must have is a Posterboard. When you mkae your posterboard, make sure that it has at least 10 pictures that portray to the aspects of your topic. They must be labeled precisely as to what they are and what they have to do with your topic. Another "Must Have" for your project is a model.This must show something that either happened in your project, Something that could happen, the area where its found at, a replica of the building etc. For example ; if you were researching ice hockey you could make the arena for an ice hockey tournament and show the different parts of the arena. three two one Presentation When you present your I-Search, you will not be allowed to take a paper up there with you. Write the introduction, story of the search 4 interview question, important facts from the findings and the conclusion. It is important that you Speak Clearly, and pronounce words correctly. If you do this it will show you have comeplete understanding of your topic and not that you just wrote down things from Wikipedia. EYE CONTACT !!!
If you do not have an explanantial amount of eye contact going on, your viewers will get bored and want to leave or fall asleep. Make sure to keep your feet planted firmly. And
BE CONFIDENT p.s. Practice does not make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect. Materials needed you need
a topic
a printer
`and enaything that will help you build your model.
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