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Michael Kors

Shop-in-Shop Recap

Veronica Hernandez

on 18 March 2014

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Transcript of Michael Kors

What is the customer demographic?
Product Assortment and Competition
What is the role of a Shop Manager?
Michael Kors product assortment
is both fashion forward and classic.
Offering a line of trendy prints and colors; while providing classic lines. The appeal, quality, and value is what drives the sales in this brand. The product assortment is exciting in terms of bold bright colors, animal prints, and fun textures. Michael Kors offers handbags for every market. From Gilmore crossbody bags to Hamilton totes, there is something for everyone.

Michael Kors main competitor is Coach, Inc. Both brands target the same demographic of customers with a similar product offering. Currently Coach holds the majority of the market share, however, this will soon change as Michael Kors continues to experience rapid growth in sales. Creating brand awareness will also be a key driver in the success of Michael Kors.
Sunday, March 16, 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
By Veronica Hernandez
Macy's Galleria Shop-in-Shop Recap
Impression of the brand and role itself?
Michael Kors
The main role of the Shop Manger is based
on two components of sales generation.
One is exceeding the sales plan, and the
second is developing and maintaining
a strong client base.
Other responsibilities include training and
educating associates on product assortment
and seasonal items, communicating to the
district manager through daily recaps, and
providing customer service. The Shop Manager
is representing Michael Kors and will act as the
brand ambassador of the company.

Michael Kors appeals to
a wide variety of demographic
groups. They
offer a product line that
meets the needs of a
college student to the
more sophisticated middle
aged women. Their target
market is between the ages
of 25-55.

After observing the Shop-in-Shop, I feel that the company would benefit by having a staff of associates that are more knowledgeable about the brand and that are able to engage the customers. As a Shop Manager this should be one of the first projects one works on; getting the sales associates eager to sell Michael Kors. A Shop Manger can do this by teaching by example, and providing the associates an incentive to work towards. I noticed many people shopping both the accessories shop and the ready to wear department which tells me there is a Michael Kors customer in Macy's Galleria. Building relationships with other department heads with the objective of cross-selling would also be beneficial to the brand. Taking these steps would positively impact Michael Kors business.
After spending time in the Michael Kors Shop-in-Shop in Macy's Galleria my impression of the brand was only strengthened by the amount of exposure and brand awareness the shop received. People were drawn by the bright colors and trendy prints. Michael Kors has done a phenomenal job with his designs. His handbags appeal to a wide market. Michael Kors is truly a lifestyle brand.
Walking into the Michael Kors Shop-in-Shop I was impressed by the overall appearance of the shop. It had a light, clean and modern feel. The collection of handbags were fun and trendy. The quality and value of the handbags are evident by the amount of foot traffic the shop received. The price range appeals to a wide variety of consumers, as does the product assortment.
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