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prezi @ devops day rome

No description

Peter Halacsy

on 6 October 2012

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Transcript of prezi @ devops day rome

speed speed speed speed Assessment week not us compatible 1 week long assignment real, hot issue only the deploy matters flashed dev environment 2x15min with me mentor 2 beers final prezi
what have you done
what would u do if you were the ceo
what would you improve
how did you feel yourself 2012 deployment data management lean startup minimal viable product
good enough fail early measure/learn change ` high ambiguity outage post mortem narcissistic afraid of mistakes wants to please others afraid of disapproval neurotic really pessimist want to change slightly crazy doesn't accept the establisment brave can admit mistakes takes responsibility ambitious Structure ceo/product/lead designer developer operation developer end-to-end responsibility not blaming each other sense of urgency if not X then Y prezi structure data team as much cloud as you can minimal development just do it! one of my biggest mistakes? there were no years in the log files monolitic mysql you want to add a feature i want java mobile python node.js -> fron-end/backend fusion
asynchronous shared memory programming model ceo/product/lead designer developer operation developer there is no in a small startup qa team operation easier at the beginning
usually scaling (aws)
no steep learning curve you don't want an Oracle DBA you want a DynamoDb user focus on your product prezi provides better and better tools what you use or not your responsibility is to bring results prezi services a/b testing
media storage people diy improvisation no transactional logging just snapshot drdb replication on a storage let some sys engineer to build storage instead of s3 we haven't started with SOA introduced queues too late overused queues -> spof we had been running outsourced operation team for 3 years how a European can screw up? automatization slows you down in the beginning 99.99% can't be the goal fail early on the product level not able to execute -> change personality -- ++ vulnerable recruitment Our very first BI system PMs report 2009 still small company 10 000 log msg/sec 243 linux 12540 monitored signals 572 alert can wake up deep end I've never deployed to 15M without tests
the code is too complex -> i have to get familiar with it
before I deploy, I need to make it nicer
i will deploy on Friday tech interview not too much specialization CS, unix, engineering no to be lead pet projects coaching/challenging/positive feedback not everyone fits a startup Prezi Devops/Startup Culture @halacsy ceo/product/lead designer developer operation developer ceo/product/lead designer developer operation developer ceo/product/lead designer developer operation developer ceo/product/lead designer developer operation developer ok, do it! dba we're hiring zynga friend laughing at me
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