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No Where To Call Home By Cassi Semple

No description

Andrea Hardwick

on 22 April 2015

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Transcript of No Where To Call Home By Cassi Semple

Chapters 4-5
Frankie starts her journey to Aunt Bushnell's in Chicago. As Frankie is on board of the train she, changes her mind and redeems her ticket for money. She runs away from the taxi and begins her adventure being a bo'
Chapters 6-7
As Frankie sets out to be a hobo, she thinks that there aren't any girl hoboes. So she goes to a men's clothing store and buys boy clothes and cuts her hair short. She hops a train without getting caught, and meets an older boy named Stewpot. Stewpot nicknamed her Frankie Blue.
No Boin' For you
Junius talks about being free and sleeping under the stars while hopping trains. Frances wants to be a bo' yet everyone tells her no.
Penniless Orphan
Motherless and now fatherless, Frances Elizabeth Barrow is left penniless after her father takes his own life when he goes bankrupt.
Tickets and Hoboes
Chapters 11-13
After Frankie's things are stolen they leave the jungle. Stewpot and Frankie go to get her a knife and they make their way the A.L Wells Tobacconist. Stewpot gets some boxes as they head for the train to take them to Cinncinati.Frankie had to jump on a moving train.
No Where To Call Home
By: Cynthia DeFelice

Chapter 1
Chapters 2-3
Sleeping under the stars
Chapters 2-3
Frances is told that she has to go to her Aunt Bushnell's but she wishes to sleep under the stars like Junius said.
Chapters 8-10
Stewpot and Frankie are in Pittsburgh and they work for some older people for food. Frankie realizes that there are girl hoboes. As they finish eating, Frankie plays her harmonica and they all fall asleep. When Frankie wakes up, Red Omaha had stolen her valubles.
Chapters 14-16
As Frankie and Stewpot are aboad the train, they get into a reefer that contains oranges. Stewpot tells Frankie his plan and she realizes she doesn't have plan. Frankie reads a book to Stewpot. As they come to Cinncinati, Frankie has to jump off of the moving train. They find a nice lady who feeds them in return for shoveling her drive.
Chapters 17-19
Frankie finally admits to Stewpot that she is a girl. He knew it all along and Frankie was surprised. After that as They were getting off the train, they get arrested. When they were set free, they went to a flop house. They got back on the train and kept on their journey.
Chapters 20-24
As Stewpot starts to get sicker, Frankie buys some stuff that she hope can hold him over while they get to Hooverville. At Hooverville, a man who was training to be a doctors says that Stewpot has pnemonia. Frankie goes out to look for a doctor and when she finds one, the only way they will see Stewpot is if he comes to the hospital. As Frankie goes to retrieve her friend, Stewpot dies.
Cough medicine for Stewpot
Frankie thinks cough medicine will help for Stewpots coughing
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