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Solar Cooker

No description

Pranay Methuku

on 12 November 2016

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Transcript of Solar Cooker

Advantages & Disadvantages of PEMF
Why do we need Solar Cookers?
Solar Cooker
Group Project
name 1
name 2
name 3
What is a Solar Cooker?
A 'solar cooker' is a device which uses the energy of direct sunlight to heat, cook or pasteurize food or drink. It is an efficient use of solar energy, especially for those parts of the world where there is abundant sunlight and problems of water scarcity.
Working Principle of Solar Cooker
Post PEMF Therapy
After receiving a course of treatments with picotesla flux Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Fields (PEMFs), which were applied extracranially, all patients experienced improvement in fatigue. Remarkably, patients noted that several months after initiation of treatment with EMFs they were able to recover, after a short period of rest, from fatigue which followed increased physical activity. These observations suggest that replenishment of monoamine stores in neurons damaged by demyelination in the brainstem reticular formation by periodic applications of picotesla flux intensity EMFs may lead to more effective impulse conduction and thus to improvement in fatigue including rapid recovery of fatigue after rest.
PEMF Therapy: History
The use of electromagnetic field therapy in clinical applications dates back over 500 years. In the 15th century, Swiss physician and alchemist Paracelsus used lodestones, or naturally magnetized pieces of the mineral magnetite, to treat conditions such as epilepsy and hemorrhage. He believed that the ability of magnets to attract iron could be replicated by attracting disease away from the body. In the late 18th century, the Austrian physician Franz Anton Mesmer, who originated the idea of "animal magnetism", described the healing properties of passing magnets over the open veins of patients. In the mid-19th century, magnetic ointments produced in New York were introduced as remedies for a whole spectrum of illnesses such as stress, migraines, etc.
Types of Solar Cookers
PEMF Therapy Machine
PEMF therapy to the spine and legs improved pain, spasticity, and bladder control.
PEMF applied to acupuncture points was associated with improvements in bladder function, cognitive function, spasticity, mobility, fatigue, and vision.
It helps in the healing of bedsores, stimulate bone fracture healing, decrease ankle sprain swelling, and improve arthritis-related pain and joint issues.
People with cancer, diabetes, epilepsy, kidney disease, or heart disease should not use the weak-field pulsing devices.
With high-intensity magnetic fields, people are more likely to experience adverse reactions, such as hearing loss, seizures, and headache.
Did You Know?
An estimated 2,500,000 around the world have MS.
MS occurances are one in a lakh in India
About 45% of the people with MS are not severely affected by the disease out of which 9% dont even know they have the disease.
The course of the disease is unpredictable and no two people will experience the same set of symptoms.
Among young adults, MS is the most common disease of the central nervous system.

First PEMF Machine
Vision for a better future
It is eco-friendly to the nature, as there is no ejection of gas and smoke.
Solar energy is free, doesn't consume electricity or fire source.
It preserves the natural nutrients of food ingredients, by cooking at slower and lower temperatures.
Cost effective when compared to conventional methods of cooking.
Reduces problems of fossil fuel exhaustion.
No smoke or soot results in effective vessel cleaning.
Since heat is trapped inside the vessel, there is no rise in temperature of the surroundings.
Concentrating sunlight
: A mirrored surface with high specular reflectivity is used to concentrate light from the sun onto a small cooking area. Sunlight can be concentrated by several orders of magnitude producing temperatures high enough to melt salt and smelt metal.Solar cooking products, thus, are typically designed to achieve temperatures of 150 °F (65 °C) to 750 °F (400 °C) on a sunny day.

Converting light energy to heat energy
: Solar cookers concentrate sunlight onto a receiver such as a cooking pan. The interaction between the light energy and the receiver material converts light to heat. This conversion is maximized by using materials that conduct and retain heat. Pots and pans used on solar cookers should be matte black in color to maximize the absorption.

Trapping heat energy
: It is important to reduce convection by isolating the air inside the cooker from the air outside the cooker. Simply using a glass lid on your pot enhances light absorption from the top of the pan and provides a greenhouse effect that improves heat retention and minimizes convection loss. This "glazing" transmits incoming visible sunlight but is opaque to escaping infrared thermal radiation. In resource constrained settings, a high-temperature plastic bag can serve a similar function, trapping air inside and making it possible to reach temperatures on cold and windy days similar to those possible on hot days.
Solar Parabolic Cooker
Solar Panel Cooker
Solar Box Cooker
Has same application like Stove Top
Reaches higher temperatures very quickly
Can be transported easily as it can be dis-assembled
Also called as Hot-Pot cooker
Though it is slow, it is highly efficient
Very cost effective among all other solar cookers (as its made up of aluminium)
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