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Sunnday, December 09, 2017

No description

Lina Manuilikova

on 9 December 2017

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Transcript of Sunnday, December 09, 2017

- Don’t extended a handshake to a women unless she does first.

Business Cards
Business cards are exchanged after the initial handshake and greeting;
If you have a university degree or any honor, put it on your business card;
Use the right hand to give and receive business cards;
Business cards need not be translated into Hindi.

A proper greeting between a male and female in a business setting is a nod but a female can initiates a handshake;
Remain professional at all times and avoid all public displays of affection;
Saris should never be wore by foreign women, it reinforces second class status;
Foreign women can take Indian businessmen to lunch for a meeting;
Personal questions about children, marriage, and age are up for discussion even in a business setting such as a lunch.
Sunday, December 09, 2017
Vol KHNEU, No. 311
Business Meeting Etiquette
If you will be traveling to India from abroad, it is advisable to make appointments by letter, at least one month and preferably two months in advance;
It is a good idea to confirm your appointment as they do get canceled at short notice;
The best time for a meeting is late morning or early afternoon;
Keep your schedule flexible;
You should arrive at meetings on time since Indians are impressed with punctuality;
It is quite possible that no business will be discussed at the first meeting;
Always send a detailed agenda in advance. Send back-up materials and charts and other data as well;
Follow up a meeting with an overview of what was discussed and the next steps.

English is one of the official languages in India;
Most of the communication is based on gender, age, religion, and the caste system;
Greet the eldest or most senior person first;
When leaving a group, each person must be bid farewell individually;
Shaking hands is common.

Guidelines for business dress
Business attire is conservative;
Men should wear dark colored conservative business suits;
Women should dress conservatively in suits or dresses;
The weather often determines clothing.
General Etiquette
“I will try” is actually saying “no” in a polite way in India;
Prepare for cancellations and for meetings starting 30 minutes late;
Address India counterparts with Mr. Miss, or Mrs. and last name;
Meetings engage in small talk, relationships are key;
Elders or high-ranking people should be introduced first when meeting someone new;
It is not impolite to arrive late to a meeting because punctuality is not enforced;
Counterparts interrupting a colleague during a presentation is seen as normal.

Thank you for your attention!
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