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Canada's Most Wanted

No description

kitty liang

on 18 September 2012

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Transcript of Canada's Most Wanted

By: Kitty Liang Canada's Most Wanted Birthday September 21, 1998 China Country of Birth Dark brown Chestnut Hair Color and Eye Color Doncrest Public School School Last Attended Art Favorite Subject Badminton Favorite Sport Blue Favorite Color Sushi Favorite Food Live life like there's no tomorrow Favorite Saying or Motto To become a doctor Goals In Life SMILE Most Distinguishing Feature Here are a few facts about me. I was born in china came to Canada when i was 1.
I lived in Richmond Hill till i was 4 then moved to Scarborough. Then I moved back up to Richmond hill when i was 10. I live with my mother, father, brother, and grandparents . I have a lot of relatives in china even tho i have never visited china. These are just a few facts about me Biography I have a couple of flaws and this what they are. My best and worst features are that I don't give up easily i try my best to do my best.
The worst thing about me is that if i don't get enough sugar in the morning. My whole mood would change. These are just a couple of my flaws. Just remember nobody is perfect. Best and worst feature Taylor Swift Favorite Celebrity Mom, Dad, Brother, Grandma, Grandpa, Cousin, Aunt, Uncle My Family Members Every once in a while my family members gathers at my house and we have dinner together and talk about life. Family Life My hobbies are singing, playing badminton and hanging out with friends My Interests I have been to Montreal, buffalo! I would love to travel more but my parents are always busy. Any Traveling My personal strengths are in art My Personal Strengths Bye Bye The End
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