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Technical Vocabulary

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English4callcenters .com

on 24 December 2014

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Transcript of Technical Vocabulary

Technical Vocabulary
By the end of this lesson, the students will be able to:
Express their ideas about computers
Use the technical vocabulary

Anti-virus software
A program that finds and removes viruses from a computer
I have to install a new version of the anti-virus software

A software program that lets you complete a task, such as writing a paper, creating a poster designing an image or viewing a web page
Yesterday I downloaded a new application

A copy of files from a computer's hard disk, usually made on some external medium such as CD-ROM or flash drive. A backup is made in case the hard disk file(s) are erased or damaged
A way of communicating wirelessly over short distances between electronic devices (for example computer and mobile telephone)
The bluetooth of my cellphone its breakdown

Browser, to browse
A browser is a program like Firefox or Internet Explorer. You use it to view or browse the Internet
Your browser is faster than my

A (small) defect or fault in a program
I couldn't run the game because there is a bug affecting it
A situation where a machine has stopped working
The monitor is breakdown

A kind of memory used to make a computer work faster
My computer cache was full, so was very slow

Central Processing Unit. This is a PC's heart or "brains"
The last week a technician cleaned my CPU
1. To arrange in a certain shape
2. To prepare all the devices in a computer system so that they operate
If you want to have the internet service, I need to configure your device
1. To join or fasten together
2. To link a piece of equipment to an energy source
e.g. electricity, or to another piece of equipment
3.To establish a communication path for the transfer
of information
Could you please connect the blue cable to your modem
Any piece of equipment made for a specific purpose
One of my favorites devices is my iPad
To save a file onto your computer from another source, like the internet
I heard a new song today, I'll download it tonight
A small program that tells a PC how a peripheral works
You must download the driver for your printer works


An electronic book that can be downloaded and read on a computer or other device.
Folder (directory)
A sub-division of a computer's hard disk into which you put files


A particular sort of lettering (on the screen or on paper). Arial is a font. Times New Roman is another
The font of the letter must be Arial
Hard disk
The main disk inside a computer used for storing programs and information. It is hard because it is metal
The hard disk of my computer it's full, I recently realized about that

An area that has an available wireless signal for Internet access (usually public)
A hole which is used to complete an electrical connection. A plug is inserted into a jack to connect switches to electronic devices
A: where could I charge my phone
B: The jack is behind the table
kilobytes, megabytes, gigabytes. Used to measure computer memory and storage
The hard disk capacity of this computer is 500 GB
LED (Light Emitting Diode)
A semiconductor that produces light when is activated
The cellphone has a notification LED

Equipment connected to a computer for sending/receiving digital information by telephone line.
You may need a modem to connect to the Internet,

Operating system (OS)
This is the programing that makes your computer or electronic device as cellphones or tablets run its most basic functions (for example, Windows, OS X, Unix, iOS, Android)

Any equipment that is connected externally to a computer. For example, printers, scanners and modems are peripherals.
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