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The World of Google

Using Google and other Web 2 Tools in EFL teaching

Adele Raemer

on 5 May 2013

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Transcript of The World of Google

  Using Google and other Web 2 tools in your EFL Classroom ....and this is just the tip of the iceberg!     מעשירים את אוצר המיליםImproving vocabulary through collaborative class collection   http://bit.ly/ztR8H1  משפרים כתיבה דרך החיבורים http://bit.ly/zHCpY7 Improving grammar through compositions מתרגלים דקדוק http://bit.ly/zVBhnv Grammar: Practice makes perfect עוד עבודה על אוצר מילים Using Googledocs and forms http://bit.ly/zhjzhK  DO YOU ? מהמבט שלהם http://bit.ly/MqPc5l Students collaborate Practice makes vocabulary better , too. Googlesites! http://bit.ly/AdeleEFL2012 http://bit.ly/LitSite http://bit.ly/EduCommunityIsr Administrative purposes - large or small http://bit.ly/NP0Pao Any bright ideas? Any bright ideas? HERE'S WHY YOU SHOULD! Google Earth and Google Maps http://bit.ly/MhFeGe Take your students out of the classroom and into the world Colleagues collaborate, too! http://bit.ly/Mw25va Collaborative maps http://goo.gl/maps/Hr4M Any ideas for how YOU could use these? Other Google Tools Students can also make their own! Synch schedules with students and staff Hangouts Google + Any bright ideas? And there's plenty more that is NOT Google! Enter: Other Web 2.0 tools Search Stories Voki http://bit.ly/MoGmYz Hidden in this code is a little known fact. If you discover it, keep it a secret. Homework assignments Student Feedback Screenr Has anything here sparked any good ideas? http://prezi.com/olwphbexugpy/greg-mortenson/ Thanks for participating. If you know what to do with this, please do it now :-) http://www.sharesnack.com/5FC6667EFB5/fu3wdfl9 FlipSnack http://bit.ly/ETAIFlash Story Builder http://goo.gl/pfnYY
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