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Community spirit

No description

lucy wheaver

on 18 July 2013

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Transcript of Community spirit

Community Spirit
About us
Food & Drink
The food available at this event is: Hotdogs, Pizza, Burger, Chips, Salad also many more. The drinks available are water, cola, slush puppy, Fanta and more. All at cheap prices which are affordable for everyone. Available throughout the day.
The activities available: Bouncy castle, face painter, battle zone, sumo suits and more. The activities held at this event are ranged for any age to make everyone have fun. The activities are so that kids, adults will enjoy there self no matter what.
The price to hire a pitch is about £45-£50. If you would like to hire a pitch them also do contact me and find out more.
If you would like to know more about this event them please vist the link below for more information.
Or contact me with the information below.
The event is too bring the community together and raises money for charity’s E.g. British Heart Foundation and Hope house and some others. This event is to bring the community to one place and so people have a chance to make new friends and also for family to reunite.
Contact details
Mobile: 07729748236
Website: www.communityspirit.co.uk
my name: Lucy Wheaver

What is this?
This is an event for everyone to enjoy and have a great time and for people to come along with the there own little stalls to make the day even better.
The pitches are £45 and the standerd pitch is 5m squared. These pitches are for you to set up your own stall and show your stall off. with your pitch you can bring anything to the event to make it entertaining or something suitable for this event.
Held at haygate park wellington also known as the bowring park.
There are about 900 tickets available.
Children tickets are: £1.50
Adults tickets are: £2.50

We have predicted 500 children to at the event and about 400 adults.
Are you a local chairty, if so come along to haygate park and set your stall up for only £45 for 5m squared.
If you want to raise your profile then i have the event for you.
Show you care and be there to represent your communtiy and local charities.
This event is located in Telford, wellington on Haygate Park where there is a massive field which will be packed with a fun filled event.
The event will take place at 11am to 5:30pm on 14th of july 2013.
We are expecting about 900 people to attend and you could be one of those 900, by having your own pitch or attending the event in any way.
holyhead road
bowring park
By you attending this event will raise money for the local charities and help them with there furture.
Make more people feel as-though you care about what they are trying to achieve.
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