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Copy of Business Report of Qantas

No description

Sofia León

on 28 January 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Business Report of Qantas

Sofia Leon
1. Description of Qantas
2. Ethical Performance
3. Financial Evaluation
4. Conclusion
5. References The safety records of Qantas in history An unethical behavior in Qantas Evaluation of Qantas about the ethical issue Financial Evaluation 1.Status: Largest and oldest airline

2.Airline brands: Qantas and Jetstar

3.Market occupancy:
Australian carries market--65%
The oversea carries market--18.7%

4.Employment: 35,700 people 1.Qantas has been a symbol of safety

2.Qantas has provided
world class Engineering
and Maintenance
standards 1.Qantas cut 500 maintenance jobs in order to reduce the budget of maintenance. 2.The recent safety problem of Qantas airline <1> July,2008 emergency landing in Manila

<2> 4 November ,2010,an engine exploded on A380 1.Qantas' unethical behavior would put passengers'lives at risk 2.Qantas should put more resource in the maintenance The net profit about Qantas From 2009 to 2012 2. Share Price History 2.Make an investment of Qantas at recent is not a good decision.

3.It will become a sound economic investment if it improve flight safety with efficiency. Recommendation 1. Profitability 2012
Negative profit due to more expenses than revenue. The trend of revenues about Qantas from 2009 to 2012 Source:Bloomberg 2012 Source:Bloomberg 2012 Share price history from 2008 to 2013
Share Price Behavior 2012 1. Conclusion of Qantas performance Chart No.1 (Australian Securities exchange 2013) Chart No.2 (Australian Securities exchange 2013) REFERENCES British Broadcasting Corperation 2012, British Broadcasting Corperation, viewed 5 January 2013,

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